Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Like Going to the Nanjos

To know why I like going to the Nanjos...look at the pictures.

Tashi sounds like she's bored because everyone her age is in school. So she might go to the last month of middle school in May. If you emailed her, it would make her so happy! If you comment me, I'll tell you her email address.

Well, you know how I was complaining about how I was bored? Well, all of the sudden, I only have 2 weeks left. I have a pain in my chest when I think of the word "2 weeks"...I'll have to change the subject.

Aha I've got the Nanjos addicted to Pride and Prejudice, and The Work and the Glory. hee hee I have a whole bunch of Pride and Prejudice icons, do you want me to post them? Please comment to say so.

I really need to pack my tush off today. I'll have to hurt myself everytime I try to get close to the computer!

Well, all the love between Tokyo Stake youth hasn't been working out too well. Too bad. Can't wait for the temple this Friday, the stake youth activity this Saturday, and the ward BBQ on Monday.

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