Monday, April 09, 2007

Today, I am a WOMAN

Today, I am a woman. I bought my first dress with my own money.

On Thursday, me, Tashi, Maika, and Ribeka went to Ikspiari. There was this new store next to Claire's. The cutest dress shop you have ever seen! Lots of vintagey shirts and dresses. I really liked the stuff, but I didn't have enough money.

I pulled one brown dress out, and was just looking at it, when the store owner leaped upon me. She wanted me to try it on. When I looked around me, I was in the dressing room. She kept asking me if I was ready, so I had to try it on. When I finally got it on, she wanted me to come out and show everyone. "Oningyo-san mitai!"...yuck! I had to tell her that I didn't have enough money. For a second, I was afraid that she would tell me to borrow money from Tashi etc...but she didn't. Phew!

But I dreamed about the brown dress all night. Oh, except for the nightmare about me waking up during the middle of the night and the curtains opening up by themselves, except for these grotesque ghost hands that were holding on to them (Kind of like on The Others).

Anyways, when I woke up the next morning, I knew that I had to have that dress. So after I did everything I had to do that morning, I got mom to come with me and check it out from a mommy point of view. We get to the store, and the one pushy store owner wasn't there. Double phew! I start looking around, and out of no where, I repeat, out of nowhere she appears and sneaks up behind me. "Can I have a minute with you?" she asks. She's got her arm around me and I'm trapped so I say yes. "Will you work for us?" was her question. To work at Ikspiari, you have to be at least college age, so I replied that I'm only in high school. She said that didn't matter. I also said that I was moving in a month. That didn't matter either. She says, "I want you to model our dresses". My jaw just kind of dropped open. I hadn't modelled since I was in 1st or 2nd grade. She just told me I could come 3-4 hours after school, and she would give me 10,000 yen. And I could have a discount price on all of the dresses. Dresses=cheaper? Move man! This just got serious! I thought to myself. And it was weird how they only had one size for all of the dresses/shirts, but they all fit me perfectly.

Mom's opinion was that I should buy the white/black or black/white version of the dress because they're more classy. So I bought the white/black one, as pictured. I actually like it, because I can wear my black leggings under it. I wore it to the temple on Friday night, and wore it to church on Easter Sunday. I know it looks like a little girl dress, but if the skirt reached my ankles, it would look like a "Pride & Prejudice" (Jane Austen era) dress. And I've always wanted that kind of dress. So I'm really happy with it.

Everyone I talked to (family and friends) said I should take the job, so I did. I'm scheduled for Thursday morning. I guess I'll have to do my schoolwork in the afternoon. I don't know what it will be like, but I will post about it the second I get home from the job. I'm so excited! I never thought that I would get a modelling job again! Especially at random like this. Oh, I wish you guys could see the dress. Sorry, I'm going on to much about it. But it's my symbol of womanhood. haha

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