Monday, January 22, 2007

Eragon 3

I changed my blog layout - again. I have to change it every 1-2 weeks or else I get bored. I get bored easily. So yeah, you like it? Yet again, it's Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana. But she's so pretty! I love having a blog so much better than a journal because it's no just blank paper. I can add pictures, icons etc...more easy, and make it fun to look at by having the layout be cute.
I'm working on my English portfolio assignment right's boring. I wrote a nespaper editorial on abortion - EVIL!
And I'm working on another quilt, and I took a picture, but I'm already going to post too many pictures of Eragon so I'll do it tomorrow. How come people are so critical of the movie? I thought it was one of the best movies that has come out since Lord of the Rings.
Oh yeah, and I went and taught English to my student today. Tashi tagged along to watch Yuu-chan, and she brought Noah too so that they could play together. I made apple tarts with her - and I taught her English cooking vocabulary. She loves to cook. So it should help her.
I can't help myself...
(above: Brom scolding Eragon because he put Saphira's life in danger)
(above: Eragon with Zar'roc the sword) - "We fight as one!"

(above: Durza the Shade summoning the ) - Durza's pretty icky looking. Not gonna lie.
(above: Eragon being all sad after Roran leaves)
(above: Murtagh and Eragon) - I don't like the guy who plays Murtagh...
(above:) Brom and Eragon riding to the Varden - Brom blends into his horse haha

(above:) Arya during the battle - And. Well. I dislike Arya. Just because she's so cold. I mean, come on! Lighten up!

So I don't like Eragon x Arya. Even though I KNOW it's going to happen... I don't LIKE it...she's too old. He's too young. and. just. no.

(above:) This part was cool - Brom fighting a Ra'zac with Zar'roc the sword

(above:) Eragon hunting a deer at the very beginning of the movie, but finds the egg instead.

(above:) Roran - and the scene with him and Eragon IS SO CUTEEEEE. Eragon comes back from hunting and Roran's like "Ah, the mighty hunter returns. With his invisible deer."

(above:) Brom - and let me just SAY that Jeremy Irons (aka Brom) MADE the movie.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm obsessed with the Lion King (because he plays the voice of Scar) or because he has THE MOST MESMORIZING VOICE EVER.

I'm saying that because it's ABSOLUTELY true. HE WAS SO GOOD.

Like literally. Jeremy Irons = my hero.
I adore him. I'm so glad they chose him for Brom instead of Ian McKellan because he does a much better job of playing a person that was once "great" in his day, but now has nothing left - you know what I mean? Kind of like Obi Wan in the old Star Wars. you could tell that he used to be really cool before he got old.

I can't say that enough.

Now Brom is my second favorite character, followed... if not tied with Eragon.

(above:) Angela - she tells Eragon's fortune at Gil'ead

(above: Brom and Eragon)- they. are. really. COOL.
Brom was going on and on about how he was being such a fool. He being eragon.
Brom's got two really, really great lines.
"One part brave, three parts fool"
"I've found it's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission."
great lines.

Anyways, and then Eragon goes "BAH." and he cuts away Brom's glove. And lo and behold. the dragon sign! And then after that is when Brom talks about Morzan and his dead dragon.

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