Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Amigas reunited for a SlUmBeR pArTy

So yes. We had seen each other the night before at the Easter eikaiwa. But we had to have this sleepover party!
It started with us (me, Tashi Maika, Mana, Anna, and Ribeka) meeting at the temple annex and playing rounds and rounds of uno. Ribeka won. But I was 2nd place, haha! Oh, and we ate Baskin Robins...deliciouso! Yuichiro and Shunichiro came and we all did baptisms for the dead together. Emi was there! Afterwards, we hung out at the temple annex again, eating Mcdonalds. Yuichiro and Shunichiro gave me and Tashi toothpaste. I got bitter chocolate flavor, and Tashi got caramel. I wore the new dress that I bought (see the posting, Today, I am a WOMAN). We said goodbye to the 2 brothers, and all of girls went home (to my house to sleepover) on the train.

We took a whole bunch of crazy pictures, (if this gives you an idea of all the fun we had!) We ate corn chips & Salsa, leftover chocolate chip cookie dough, and played Phase 10. We planned to stay up all night, and I think that I could have...but everyone else started to lay down...and we started our "Koibana" and we did some matchmaking for the youth in our stake. Like, he and her would be a good couple! etc...haha

But in a few minutes, I was the only one awake! It was a lot colder than I thought it would be. Sorry if you got cold, you guys! Me and Ribeka had to huddle together for warmth.

What I've Been Looking For

The next morning, we had pancakes. Anna had to go home at 9:30 AM!! We wanted her to stay longer. But family time is important too. Before we even got ready for the day, we dyed Easter eggs. We were all writing things about Tokyo stake on our eggs with white crayon. The Nanjos are so funny! They made 2 mistakes - Toko stake, and Tokyo stak!!! I was totally laughing.

Well, we finally got ready for the day, and our dad dropped us off at Daiei. We went shoe-and-dress-window shopping. Then we took purikura. I rented Pride and Prejudice at Tsutaya, (thanks Mana for finding it!) and went home together on the bus. Are you thinking we don't own Pride and Prejudice? That is not so. We own 2 versions, but they're both in English. And I had to show it to the Nanjos.

So we went home, watched the first part of it, but then it was time to go to Seminary. Mom drove us. We have seminary every Saturday now, and that Saturday was our first week this year. And Sister Nanjo is our teacher. So after our lesson, we finished watching Pride and Prejudice. They really liked it(I think?). Oh, if only there was a Mr. Darcy out there for me! haha

Troy & Gabriella

Sister Nanjo drove us home from seminary, because she wanted to stop by our house and pick out what furniture she wanted from our house because we're moving. Mia and Noah attacked the Nanjos the whole time they were at our house, so I want to thank them for being so patient with the crazy monkeys.

The Nanjos left and it sounds like they went to Daiei again and bought the dresses that they had liked. My mom and dad went out on a date, and Tashi babysat while I sent business emails. And I called the dress store to tell them that I would take the job.

There's never enough time at a sleepover. Why do they always have to end?

You guys better come visit me in Utah!


GRodenberg said...

how fun! but sad to leave friends. huh?

maika said...


My name is Lexi said...

Gloria: It was totally fun! I don't know what I'll do the day I leave!!!

Maika: 最後の写真、まいか達はありえるんだけど・・・Tashi&Annaはありえなくない?!お父さんに言われた:"Are you sure you want to post these weird pictures?" haha