Friday, April 13, 2007

Today, I am a WOMAN 2

Ohmigosh! I wanted to post this on Thursday, then Friday, then Saturday, and I'm finally posting it today. It had to sit as a draft forever. Why did it take so long, you ask? Because my mom, Tashi, Mia, and Noah are leaving on Tuesday and things have been extremely hectic. Those of you who know that I post 6 days a week, will understand how busy I must be to stay away from the computer that long. Well actually, I have been on the computer, but instead of blogging I've been looking up how much it would be to ship such and such box by surface mail...etc...So to stop whining, I will get onto the story that I promised I would tell you about on Thursday.

First of all, before I tell the second half of this story, please read the post called Today, I am a WOMAN. Well, I called the company to tell them that I would take the job.

Tashi went with me, and we met the photographer at 10:00 am. They ended up asking Tashi to do it too. The photographer bought us a drink at a coffee cafe (don't worry - we got ginger ale and grapefruit juice!) before we started. It was very informal. They didn't do our hair or make-up. We just tried on dresses, and she snapped a few shots and we'd go onto the next dress. We took them at different places in Ikspiari. We got to wear a camisole under all the dresses. And none of them were too short. So that was good.

We took a break and ate lunch at New York Cafe. And we finished a little bit after 2 pm. They paid for our drinks and lunch. When we were done, they said we could pick out one out of all of the dresses for free. I felt a little disappointed when they said this, because I thought this was the only payment I would get. I love their dresses, but I had just bought one, and I wanted the money more (sound like a spoiled brat...hmmmm...). But then they ended up paying us 15,000 yen to share. So we got 7500 yen each, and 1 dress for each of us that cost about 5000 yen each. And then the money for the drinks and lunch. We barely did anything, but got totally treated! I was afraid that there would be some sort of trick because it all seemed too good to be true. Like the dresses they'd make us wear would be really immodest, or they wouldn't pay me as much as they said they would, or there wouldn't be a discount on the dresses, or they'd make me work longer than they said. But none of the above happened, and it was actually better than they had said, so I'm really happy. But actually I'm kind of "T.O.ed" because I had just bought one of their dresses, when I could have got one for free. But who knows, maybe they wouldn't have given me the job if I didn't buy that first dress. They said they'll call me again when they get their shipment of new dresses. And since they kept their word and more before, it looks like I might get another job. Keep you updated on that. The pictures are of the new dress that I got for free. Same style as my black and white one, but this one is more of a cream color. This store had lots of different types of vintage-y dresses, but this style looks the best on me. So I got this one. I kind of wished I had chosen another one, but I think I would say that with whatever dress I chose. They're all to cute to choose just one!


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