Monday, February 15, 2010

Southern Virginia University

I went to the Southern Virginia University campus at the very end of January. Dad drove me and Tash out. That was the farthest east I've ever been! We got out of school early on Thursday, and then dad drove us to Monmouth so he could teach his class before he left. Me and Tash read in the library and dad let his class out early. We drove all through the night both ways. We got to Buena Vista, VA early Friday morning. But it was too early to check into our motel. We had to kill osme time before the Visitor's Center opened too. Then we drove an hour and a half to Appomattox. We took pictures and took the tour. It was depressing. I could tell that Virginia would be very pretty in the spring, summer, and fall. It was a lot more hilly than Illinois. And there were mini mountains.

And I realized just how historic this state was. It had Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg. It was one of the original 13 colonies. Robert E. Lee, Geroge Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were all from Virginia. Most of the major events in the Civil War happened there. Al lthe buildings were really old and smelled old too. 90% of them were made from dark red brick and had white columns. We passed Virginia Military Academy and Washington-Lee University. We didn't go u pto visit, but we could see the flagpole that the students tore down the flag from in "Gods and Generals". We also passed the cemetary where Stonewall Jackson was buried.

The SVU campus was really old. It was an all girl's school founded in the 1860s. It looks like Hogwarts on the inside. The school colors are green and black and reminded me of Slytherin. It snowed a lot the day we visited the campus. I guess they never have that kind of weather and everyone was freaking out. A ton of professors didn't show up. And I missed some of my talent scholarship auditions. I had to walk to one of the professor's houses for one them. I was really nervous.

We paid a refundable downpayment to SVU, and they're already having me take lots of surveys and giving me lots of calls to see what classes they should put in my schedule. It would be cool to go there. They have great service. But I'm hearing back from BYU at the end of this week! Gah!


Mary said...

Sounds like a great school.

My name is Lexi said...

it is. and now i need to buckle down and make a school choice.