Monday, April 23, 2007

Stephen = Beaver Boy

This post is about my cousin Stephen. He was in one of his school's performances (American Leadership Academy) - Disney's "Aladdin". He played the role of the sultan. I wasn't able to see the show (being half-away-around-the-world you know!), but he was one of the leads, and people who went and saw the show said he did a great job!

(above: Stephen, two narrators, and the genie) all these pictures he's with a girl...suspicious!!!

I'm not sure what show this is, but he looks too much like Eragon. What's wrong with looking like Eragon, you ask? Well, I have a major crush on Eragon/Ed it's weird to have my cousin look like him...anyways, Stephen is turning 18 this June, and he was the cousin I played with the most when I was little. He doesn't have a blog, or I would have told you already. Wish he did. But he has a connection with Gloria's older's a small world!!! Love ya tons, Beaver Boy (Bi-ba- Boi!)


GRodenberg said...

Brady was a narrator in Aladdin! Stephen is so cute- he actually looks a lot like you! I take it he is the one my bro helped with the adoption? cool.

My name is Lexi said...

People always used to think he was my big brother. And sometimes it got too annoying to having to repeat that he was my cousin to people over and over again, so I just nodded my head when they called him my brother haha

yeah, your brother worked on his adoption. when i heard that story, i freaked out - it really is a small world after all!!!

that's cool about brady!!!