Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet 16

Wow!!! My birthday's over! But I still feel very sweet 16. And I think I will for a while. I still feel like it should be my birthday.

Today I'm gonna run away
And feel the sun throughout my hair
Finally free to be who I wanna be
Who that is I don't really care

'Cuz I've got friends who love me
Blue skies are above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Drivin' round town just to pass the time
Radio is blastin' and the top is down
There ain't nothin' in my way
'Cept the traffic of L.A.

And I've got friends who love me
Bright stars shine above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Mamma loves me and a sister who shows me, and a daddy's always there

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

I wanna know what it feels like
I need to see it from the inside
I can taste a bit of what I will find
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

I don't have any pictures, but it was a very good day. I woke up to Tashi giving me my outfit to wear, mom making cinnamon rolls, and my dad actually up before I went to school. I got to eat my yummy cinnamon roll as it dripped over my hand, and ran to school. Gina decorated, me, Skyler, and Kortney's lockers, and we all wished each other a happy birthday. I had a Spanish test, and a geometry test ON MY BIRTHDAY, but Mr. Hansen let us get out 5 minutes early from geometry because it was my birthday and a Friday, and Mr. Myers changed our critical analysis due date to Tuesday instead of my birthday. It was his birthday too. Too many birthdays.

MacConnell was giving me crap all day about being "vl". Aaaarrrrrggghhh high school drama. Mac and Spencer made a bet about how lone I could stay vl. Spencer said he's give me and Mike a day, but Mac siad he'd give us until the next time we were alone. I was so mad. You should have seen me in English. After school ,e, Tashi, and Mike went to the seminary building and talked with Brother Rasmussen for an hour or so. Mike came home with me after that to our house, we met up with Gina, and went to Maverik. Then we went to Duane's, bought ingredients and drove back to Gina's house. My mo mwas sick in bed, and my dad was up in Salt Lake. Gina made a spaghetti dinner for me. And Tashi finally admitted to me who she likes, even though me and Mike already knew.

Then they drove me home, I freshened up, and I was driven to my dance. Lots of people showed up, but Sam and Noah were 2 hours late so we had no music for my dance. I felt bad for all the people who came. But it was good. Everybody brought me some some sort of candy. They must know me well.

Saturday the 22nd, we had a family pajama birthday party. I got clothes. All the stuff I wanted. Clothes make me happy. Now I just need accesories that will match them.

Kelton's pool party on Saturday night was fun even though it was 40 degrees outside. Luckily the pool finally got to 90 degrees right before I had to be home. And I "missed" something. I was so mad at my self.

I'll post some pictures of clothes I got

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I wish I was Bella

My life is taking a turn for the good. Tomorrow's my birthday. And Skyler's. And Mr. Myers'. And Kortney's. But forget about that. I'll be 16 and the rest of them won't!!! I will be able to date, but not drive. I'll have to be a little bit more patient with that. But I'll have my sweet 16 dance on Friday night. And I'll be 16!!! Have I said that enough? It's freaking me out how fast it jumped upon me. Just thinking about dating makes my tummy tingle.

I've started reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
Talk about drooling while I read. I'm in eclipse already, but I skipped Twilight on accident. So I'll have to go back and read that. The Rodenbergs are reading them right now, and I got Mike to start reading Twilight. And Tashi's almost done with Twlight. They're addicting!!! The love in it is so deep without it being dirty. Aaaarrrggghhh! Edward just needs to bite Bella!!! And I relate to these books so much. I have so many emotions running through my head right now...whew!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cross Country - lots of emotions here

Well I've been really busy and getting tired from cross country. But I'm loving it. We had our second meet here at our school. I came in #21 out of 38 girls.

(above: we're stretching before the run - of course Mia has to be there)

(above: Me coming in!!! Hurray!!!)

Meet at North Sanpete

(above: G'ma and G'pa came to watch me run!!!)

(above: all the girls lined up ready to run)

(me coming in - #58 out of 89 girls)

I've been having a tough week - I've been grounded, my meets were hard, and I have no time. And it didn't help that our team is falling apart emotionally. Mike got heat stroke at the North Sanpete meet. Now he's getting sick all the time. I'm praying for you Mike - and you know why

Sunday, September 09, 2007

lOvE qUoTeS ♥

Here are some good quotes:

a smile is a whisper of a laugh.

love is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition.

because you know i'm not going to give up on you, you know that im way too deep in to let go of you, so you feel like you don't need to try and change, because i'm not going anywhere. and the sad part is it's true. i will never give up on you, you could cheat on me, you could ignore me, you could totally destroy my world, and i won't give up on you - on us. because i love you - i love you.

love is a special word, and I use it only when I mean it. uou say the word too much and it becomes cheap

you have so much magic in you, and i wouldn't dare hold that back.

he said: "if i had a nickle for everytime i saw a girl like you, i'd have five cents."

and while Cinerella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.

you & I were different. we came from different worlds yet, you taught me the value of love.

you're in my head, you're in my heart, you're in that song on the radio in my car.♥

so theres this boy ...& i would tell you everything about him but i'd be afraid you'd fall in love with him too

you'll fall in love with the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times

The truth is, I always thinking of you, hoping that you think of me, smiling

Heavenly Father, help us remember that the jerk who cut us off in traffic last night is a single mother who worked nine hours that day and is rushing home to cook dinner, help with homework, do the laundry and spend a few precious moments with her children. Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man who can't make change correctly is a worried 19-year-old college student, balancing his apprehension over final exams with his fear of not getting his student loans for next semester. Remind us, Lord, that the scary looking bum, begging for money in the same spot every day is a slave to addictions that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares. Help us to remember that the old couple walking annoyingly slow through the store aisles and blocking our shopping progress are savoring this moment, knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week, this will be the last year that they go shopping together. Heavenly Father, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us, the greatest gift is love . It is not enough to share that love with those we hold dear. Open our hearts not to just those who are close to us, but to all humanity. Let us be slow to judge and quick to forgive, show patience, empathy and love.

true love isn't love at first sight;

it should be love at every sight.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My Shining Knight Promised me a Virtual Camelot

♥♥With Great Expectations♥♥
Well, I had about one of the happiest things happen to me yesterday. I have so many emotions going on right now, all positive, and I don't know how to put them down into words, but here goes.
Mike texted me and asked me if he could ask me something at youth court, and I said yes. Well, he was there already when I showed up on time, and said he needed to talk to Gina. They went off for a while, and I got bored so I tried to walk over to them and they shooed me away saying they were talking about Mackonell. Well youth court was about to start, so I went up but Mike never came up.
Gina came up eventually and told me that he awaited me downstairs and I needed to go talk to him. I had to calm myself as I was going down the stairs. And he was waiting down there by his '78 orange-reddish truck. He looked really nervous and actually was really nervous. He started out with a Pride and Prejudice type speech. I was blown away and so nervous that I don't remember exactly what he said, but I could tell he had put a lot of thought into it. He asked me to homecoming!!! He gave me a purple and green bouquet of flowers - he knew those were my favorite colors!!!

And he wrote me a cute card. Well duh, of course I said yes. I was so happy. Imagine the Pride and Prejudice with Keria Knightley in it. The scene at the end where Mr. Bingley asks Jane to marry him. It was pretty much like that, except I didn't cry. But I know I turned really red. I wasn't expecting to get asked to homecoming, because I'm new, and I'm a sophmore. I turn 16 a week before homecoming, but nobody else would know that. But I wouldn't want to be asked by anyone else than Mike. This is going to be my first date~~!!!! Aaaaahhhh! My heart is doing flip-flops♥♥

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The awesomest Luv thingy

It takes 3 seconds to say "I love you," 3 minutes to explain it, 3 hours to demonstrate it, 3 days to appreciate it, & a lifetime to prove it.
The hardest part in loving is when you can only view the person you love from a distance & not being able to hold his hand, embrace him tight, & tell him how much you love him, because to him, you're only his friend.
Watching you from a distance, afraid to get too close, hoping that you'd realize who loved you the most.
But unless you open your eyes to the one who's always there, you'll never realize that I'm the one who cares.
The test of true love is having all the things go wrong but still having a special way to love despite all the wrong things that may happen.
Love isn't about becoming somebody else's "perfect person."
Its about finding someone who helps you become the best person you can be.
Love until it hurts, and when it hurts, love some more.
And when it hurts some more, love even more, and when it hurts even more, love until it hurts no more.
Love is the extremely difficult realization that someone other than oneself is real. You can't make someone love you.
All you can do is be someone who can be loved.
The rest is up to the person to realize your worth.
Love is a commitment, not a feeling.
Romance is not love.
If I love you because you're beautiful, that's romance.
But if you're beautiful because I love you, that's love.
Never take love for granted because the best thing in this world is knowing that you are loved.
So if you have someone special, hold that person close to your heart.
We lose someone we love only when we are destined to find someone else who can love us more than we can.
When we are in love, we often doubt that which we most believe.
Love knows no reason, love knows no lies.
Love defies all reasons, love has no eyes.
But love is not blind, love sees but does not mind.
What lips hide, the eyes reveal.
People say "I love you" just for the sake of saying it, some just for pity, & some because they promised.
When you think real hard, the people who find it so hard to say are usually the ones who mean it.
Love is everything its cracked up to be. Its worth waiting for, worth being brave for, and you know what?
If you don't risk anything, you risk even more.
What is love?
Those who don't like it call it a responsibility, those who play with it call it a game, those who don't have it call it a dream, those who love call it a destiny.
In times of darkness, love sees.
In times of silence, love hears.
In times of doubt, love hopes.
In times of sorrow, love heals.
And in all times, love starts within yourself.
Love is sometimes denied, sometimes lost, sometimes unrecognized.
But in the end always found with no regrets, forever valued, kept and treasured. Whenever, wherever, if you are meant to be for each other, love will be there.
You don't need to search for love, love will find you.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

First Cross Country Meet

I had my first cross country meet on the 30th. We've been meeting at 6:30 in the morning and running as far as you want to down the streets of Fillmore. We met in Kanab with lots of little schools like Kanab, Cross Creek, Parowan, and Enterprise.

It's been hard to wake up on time every morning and run. But this meet finally proved my hard work so now it's not as hard to make myself run. We have about 5 other girls on our team besides me but they all have to be stupid and be on the soccer team at the same time so they only come to to half of the morning practices. They're a really good soccer team - every time they've had a game, they've beaten the other school by some ridiculously high number to 0. So anyways, these girls had a soccer game the same day we had our meet, so they weren't able to go. And I was on a bus with 10 guys for 3 hours each way to Kanab. That bus ride was very interesting and fun.

The boys ran first. I had only been running for a week and a half, and I actually hadn't ran 3 miles straight yet. But I prayed and prayed and I was able to run the whole 3 miles without stopping. Mr. Moats, our assistant coach, stayed with me on the course and just encouraged me through most of it. The other coaches would yell at the girls in back of me to pass me up. Very helpful.

Michael came back and ran the last quarter mile on the side with me. And this was maybe 20 minutes after he had ran 3 miles. Awwwww!!! So anyways, I was half blind at the end and I was holding in my puke, but I made it. I got my number stick, and when I handed it to the guy, I almost threw up all over him. And I was #16, and they didn't put any names up after mine for a long time so I thought I was dead last, but it ended up there were 19 girls - 3 girls after me. My times was 24.50 min. I'm not too happy about it, but considering I hadn't run 3 miles straight yet, and it was my first meet, I'm pretty happy. The girls from other schools found out that I was the only girl on my bus, and they were so jealous. haha

Out of 40 boys, Josh Camp took 10th, and Juan took 9th. Josh's older sister Katie is one of those soccer players so she didn't come. And their dad is a freakishly fast runner. And I just found out Josh is diabetic. So wow. The boys took 2nd all together. Yay us!!!

The bus ride back was awesomeness. We talked about some pretty deep stuff. And we were vonluntarily and randomly bearing our testimonies and such.

That feeling after you run 3 miles as fast as you can (forget about your time), the super short 70's shorts we have to wear when we run (Juan: "I feel half-naked!) the bus rides, the pizza afterwards...yes, cross country is good.