Monday, April 02, 2007

Tokyo Stake Youth Conference

I'm still wound up from youth conference!!!I got a little too hyper maybe. When I was 12, they didn't have very many youth so 12 & 13 year olds could go too. When I turned 14, they changed it back to 14 and up so I've been able to go 4 times!!! And this year was definitely the best...OMG

We only had about 25 youth'd think that because there's 11 million people in Tokyo, we'd have a whole bunch of kids, but that isn't the case...but I like how we only have a few people. We're so muchly much much more close and tight.

They had us all vote for the talent show, and they never told us who won, but Yoshuya Nanjo said he found out that we had the most votes. GO KASAI!!! I actually like it better that they didn't announce it. I just like to know that people liked it.

Everyone got too wound up at the dance. In past years, when it was time to dance, the boys would clump together and wouldn't even get close to us. But this year everyone really got into it. We didn't slow dance. I know this sounds too silly, but slow dancing would kill a Japanese YM from embarrassment! The most *touching* we did was them holding our hand and twirling us.

At night, when all the girls got together to say who they had a crush on, all the older girls liked 1._________, and the younger girls liked 2.________. Then somebody asked who they liked besides them, and Erika said "There are no other YM besides them!" she was joking of course. But every one's sad that 1._________ graduated. But now that makes him a "single adult"...hmmm...JK

Kasai ward was in charge of the graduation and testimony meeting, and I was totally bawling when we were singing "Kesara" together, but it finally hit me that I'll definitely see all these people again. I definitely saw them in the pre-existence. But I'll still totally miss them when we move. Bishop Kawaminami made up a video for the people who graduating, and totally made them cry. And we sang a song that a lady in our ward wrote, and we made everyone cry again. I'm so grateful for the people in our ward who helped make it so spiritual. Nobody wanted to go home, including me.

You guys would have to be here to understand what I'm talking about...but it was REALLY good. The song that's playing right now is a song that we danced to. It's a 1979 song sung by the Nolan sisters, called "I'm In The Mood For Dancing". I don't know if they ever got big the US, but they were a big hit in Japan. Enjoy.


maika said...

I'll don't forget this YC. I had gotten strong testimony.

I seemed that all of the youth was shining. I felt that I needed them and I thought that I don't want to leave from them. But no matter where they go, we will see again as you said. As we are eternal friends.

henna eigo dattara gomenne!!!
I love you!!!!!

My name is Lexi said...

Maika no Eigo kawaii!!!