Thursday, April 19, 2007


I just wanted to post some purikura that we took recently. You don't know how lonely it is at home all day while my dad is gone. So I've been watching Youtube all day to pass the time. But I've been getting good comments that lift me up: Here's a couple:

lexiiiii~ its gonna be okayyy~!!!i totaly felt the same wayyy when i came to canada~!!!!your not the only one~!! dont worry wonder woman will come in rescue you and make your dreams come true~!!!!lolz jk jk jkjust cause things are chnging doesnt mean it is changing in a bad way~ you should feel lucky~ be happy that you have all these good memories to cherish and keep~ you should be happy that you met all these people that care about you in your church~its always going to be sad but,there always people who will support you no matter wat~and plus its not going to be that bad~!!theres always going to bebad stuff and good stuff in a place its never going to be perfect~ also im sure you gonna meet alot of cute boys at your new skool~!!! lolz

I totally know how you feel...well kinda. you know that our family moved a lot but now we have the best lives anybody could posably have and we are super grateful. I also know how it feels to move away from Japan and that was one of the biggest challenges I ever faced but now I am kinda glad I moved because now I have American friends that I can talk to and not have to speek in japanese. Well you will be accepted because everyone will think that it is narlly to speak japanese and have the chance to live in japan. So if you need to talk just call cause trust me... America is AWESOME!!!!!!

And I got a good email from Mikako, but it's in Japanese so I couldn't post it. People have been so supportive - thanks so much!!!


GRodenberg said...

Take a picture of your house! I've never seen it- I could only see your neighbors house across the street in the background of your dance video! Which, by the way..lovin it! ok go is my fave!!!

My name is Lexi said...

OK Go is so good! The Nanjos introduced me to it. I'll probably post a picture of our house right before we leave it. Please wit 'til them!