Wednesday, April 18, 2007

2 Squishy-Birthdays

Ohmigosh again! We were so busy on Monday I thought I was going to pop! So many people came to say their last goodbyes. The doorbell was ringing non-stop. There was a mix-up and we got dinner from 2 different people. Thanks to Amar for cleaning, and watching Mia & Noah, thanks to Sis. Kawaminami for running some errands for us, changing Noah's diaper twice, and offering to take luggage to the airport for us. Thank you Rikako for playing with Mia, thanks to the Welch family for making dinner, and to the Yamamoto family for making us dinner too. Oh, and the Miura family - thanks for the strawberries! And a final thank you to the Yamagata family for bringing us senbei. I love you guys so much!

Through all of this scary chaos, we had 2 birthdays in the family!

A Mia birthday on the 15th

And a Noah Birthday on the 17th

Mia turned 6, and Noah turned 3. Where has time gone? When Noah was born, Mia was 3!!! Can't believe it's been that long again! I gave them each a Japanese book so they can take it back to the US. My mom made Mia and Noah each an *I Spy* quilt. They're really cute. See them on my mom's blog HERE

(Mia with her I Spy quilt)

(Isn't this the cutest picture ever?!)



Aunty Em said...

I just saw your family at the airport yesterday. I was so happy to see them, but I could tell that all the stress of packing and moving and traveling had passed and it was finally sinking in that this is permanent. Your mom looked kind of sad. Just think of Fillmore as a little break from the busy world of Tokyo and if you move into the Capital Hill house, it will be right back to city life again. Anytime you want to stay over at our house, you are so welcome. ANYTIME!

My name is Lexi said...

I want to live at your guyzez house haha

I'm glad that I have more time in Japan, but it's lonely here without the crazy monkeys!!!