Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Wendy Wu finally came to Disney Channel Japan on Monday! Me, Em and Tash watched it with lots of yummy junk food.
Wendy Wu (played by The Suite Life of Zack & Cody star Brenda Song) is a popular teen with an almost perfect life whose goal is to be homecoming queen. Chinese legend, on the other hand, declares that Wendy is first and foremost the reincarnation of a powerful woman warrior from the Wei Dynasty who is destined to fight the newly-awakened, evil Yan Lo. Undercover Buddist Monk Shen (played by Shin Koyamada) arrives in Fair Springs, California to begin training Wendy in the art of Kung Fu, so she will be able to keep the world safe for another 90 years.
But Wendy is too busy for that nonsense - she's trying to make sure she beats Jessica Dawson and is elected this year's Homecoming Queen! Find out if Wendy defeats Yan Lo, watch Disney Channel Original Movie Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior on Disney Channel! THIS FILM CONTAINS INTENSE MARTIAL-ARTS FIGHTING SEQUENCES DISPLAYING FAST FISTS, QUICK KICKS, FLYING ZEN WARRIORS, BIG EFFECTS, UGLY VILLAINS, MAGIC NECKLACES, SASSY ONE-LINERS AND GENERAL KUNG-FU CRAZINESS! IN OTHER WORDS, THERE'S SO MUCH ACTION...THEY ACTUALLY HAD TO RATE IT TV-PG.

  • The Five Animals of Kung Fu are referenced.
  • Although the movie was set in California it was shot on location in New Zealand with parts of it shot at a Auckland High School Long Bay College. Coincidentally, Shin Koyamada's previous film The Last Samurai was also shot there. New Zealand was also substituted for the fictional California city of Blue Bay Harbor in Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, also starring Sally Martin as Power Rangers: Ninja Storm as the Blue Wind Ranger, Tori Hanson. Curiously, this character had an affinity for wearing blue, as the Blue Rangers traditionally do. This may or may not be the actor giving a tribute to the character.
  • Was originally set to air on June 2, 2006 but got bumped by Disney Channel because they had trouble putting up the movie's official web site.
  • In one scene a mural, with the letters "LBC" on it, can be seen in the background. This is an Acronym for "Long Bay College"
  • Brenda Song, who plays Wendy Wu, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do in real life. However, she had to "unlearn" some fighting techniques so that the fight scenes would look better on-camera.
  • Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior made its debut on DVD October 24th 2006.
  • Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior is the fifth DCOM to receive a TV-PG rating; before it were Tiger Cruise, Don't Look Under The Bed, Halloweentown and Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge.
  • During filming Brenda Song, while attempting to kick a soda can from someone's hand, missed and kicked him in the chest, winding him.
  • On set while doing a flip, Brenda Song landed on her foot and sprained it.
  • James Gaylyn has guest stared in the Power Rangers: Ninja Storm series as a Wind Ninja Academy Sensei from the past. He was also the voice of Zeltrax in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder.
  • Brenda Song had to commute during film breaks to film the second season of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • It had over 5.7 million viewers on the night of it's premiere, making it currently the sixth highest viewed DCOM.
  • Many drama students from Long bay College were used as extras, and can be seen chiefly in the school scenes

Monday, February 26, 2007

Young Aunty, Squishies & Headstrong

Hey, howdy, hey! Saturday my Ashley Tisdale CD came in the mail (squee!), I sent in my Chinese portfolio assignment (see my to-do list), and we just hung out all evening with Emily.

I changed the layout (If you've notcied, I change the picture at the top, the song, and the coloring every Monday)again. You probably can't tell, so I'll tell you that the picture at the top is of Ashley Tisdale. A little freaky, huh? But I kind of like it!

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Sunday, Sister Kawaminami picked up up and drove us to church. Emily would have been all alone in Relief Society and Sunday School, so she came with us to the young womens and youth sunday school. It was so funny, everyone thought she was our cousin. But they all did agree that she looked like my dad when they found out she was our aunt. And Am & my dad are 12 years apart - but they were still freaked out that she was 29 (next month - we didn't mention that), has 3 kids, and her oldest was 8. So sister Kawaminami's says in a surprised voice, "So you got married when you were about 20?" and Em's all like, "Yeah...uh-huh..." haha if they only knew they she got married right out of high school hee hee

Today, Monday, Tashi had singing lessons and I had to teach English in the afternoon, so we didn't go anywhere big with Em, but she took Mia and Noah to the nieghborhood park. And Wendy Wu's on Disney Channel tonight for the first time!! FINALLY!!!

Ashley Tisdale

Mia and Noah are the cutest squishies ever!
(above:) Mia was pouting and wouldn't smile for me but Em got her to laugh - she loves her aunty em!
(above:) I wish I had Em's photogenic smile! I interupted Noah's snack and TV time for the pic, so he doesn't look that great.
(above:) Mia walking to school!

Vanessa & Ashley

I just bought Ashley Tisdale's new CD - Headstrong. I really like it too. She and Vanessa are so talented!

If your impressions of Ashley Tisdale are fuzzy around the edges but include visions of singing schoolgirls, blond supercuteness, and shrieking, hysterical 10-year-olds, you'll want to check them at the door before checking out Headstrong. It's not that fourth graders won't like the long-limbed High School Musical star's hooky, happy, and at times hyper solo debut. It's just that you might, too. Tisdale, a little like Lindsey Lohan and not at all like Hilary Duff, doesn't waste time ditching her groovy-juvie reputation to reimagine herself as a red-hot starlet here. "Not Like That" mines familiar misunderstood-celebrity territory in a way that's less whiny than worked-up. The thing is, it all sounds pretty good--from the head-bobbing urban beat in "Be Good to Me" to the fuzz and boingy effects on "Over It," Tisdale proves her appeal is not limited to junior proms. Which is not to say she doesn't leave a little something for fans who still dot their I's with circles: One of Headstrong's strongest numbers, "Unlove You," is tailor-made for belt-outs in pastel-pink bedrooms. --Tammy La Gorce
Product Description
Includes songs from the hottest writer-producers on the planet, including The Matrix (Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne), Scott Storch (Usher, Chris Brown), Kara DioGuardi (Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson), Shelly Pieken and Guy Roche (Christina Aguilera), and Adam and Nikki Anders (Backstreet Boys, Sheryl Crow), Headstrong is a mix of edgy, rhythmic dance-pop from the new musical queen for 'tweens and teens.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ikspiari, Daiei, & games

Wow, how the time flies!

Thursday morning my parents left for Guam at 8:00 am. Mia had a breakdown and said she didn't want to go to school. But I talked her into going. I thought it would keep her distracted and she'd have somewhat of her normal schedule to help her feel secure. Seth left that morning too, along with the exotic, 10-egg Japanese egg cartons haha -long story. After we picked Mia up from school, all of us (me, Noah, Mia, Tashi & Emily) went to Ikspiari. We went shopping at Claire's and stuff. I got 20 stamps on my Claire's card, so I got 1200 yen off! I bought 2 SUPER cute necklaces and a set of bracelets. We forgot all about it because we were at Ikspiari, but we missed the 2nd week of American Idol!!! Aaaarrrgghhh! We had gyouza and spring rolls for dinner & root beet floats for dessert!

Friday was super rainy and wet. The laundry wouldn't dry. And we all got soaked when we took Mia to school. Again, after Mia came home we went to Daiei on the bus. We ate crepes, took purikura, went to the 100-yen store, and window-shopped. While Em has been here I've been eating junk food all day. I need to have a little more self-control! We watched Hannah Montana at 6:30. I like a good, clean TV show. The 2nd season is coming out in April!! Yay!! Me, Tash, and Em stayed up 'til midnight playing all different kinds of card games.

This morning (Saturday) me and Tash went to Young Women's at the church and practiced for our talent show. Em stayed home and watched the chibbies. It was nice and sunny today, but the wind was so strong, it was freezing, even inside the house! I'm serious when I say this - not just because she reads my blog or anything - I will really miss her when she leaves! I don't want her to go!

I'm really curious how many people read my blog...I have the feeling that a lot of people do, but because nobody comments...

Aly & AJ

(above:)This is the purikura that we took on Friday - I look like a dork, I know

(above:)We've been playing games all day with Em

(above:) I look over at Noah while we were at the 100-yen store, and he was sitting in one of the shopping baskets!

(above: these are the cute necklaces that I bought at Claire's)

Miley, Aly, and AJ

Here's a Hannah Montana video with Cascada's song, "Miracle"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Aunty Em, Vanessa, & AE shorts

Sorry for no updates. Aunty Em has been here and we've been having fun all day! I couldn't go with my mom to pick her up at the airport because I had to teach an English class. My mom stopped at Costco on the way, so we had Costco pizza for dinner. We played Imaginiff...and then went to bed.

Tuesday morning was really cold, but me & Tash took Em to DisneySea. For some freaky reason it was crowded again like when we took Nat & Jason. It was freezing cold, it was raining, and it was a Tuesday morning in the middle of February, but it was still really packed! We took her on Tower of Terror, and Raging Spirits twice. Indiana Jones was shut down and they kept having to check Journey to the Center of the Earth. We ate lunch at that yummy Mexican restaraunt. We got so cold we didn't realize how cold we were. We went home at 3 pm and just sat in front of the heater for the rest of the day.

Wednesday Tash took Em on the train to go see Tokyo Tower, and they met up with my dad. I had to teach English to Yuki and had singing lessons, so I couldn't go with them. Aaarrrrggghhh! But when I got home from my singing lessons, everyone was home including uncle Seth who was going to stay over too. Seth was going to sleep in the room Emily had been sleeping in, so Em and came and slept in my room. We had a slumber party! Mia was really jealous that Em was sleeping in my room. It was squishy, but fun. We just talked forever, and she fell asleep while I was telling her a story, so I was talking to myself forever. haha

(above:) Em's cute family!

(above:) Mia and Noah have been so excited because Em's here. They're climbing all over her!!

(above:) Tashi and Emily at DisneySea


This came in the mail the day Em got here! I was listening to it on my iPod shuffle while I was cleaning the house before she came. It's really good! (Vanessa Anne Hudgens, played Gabriella Montez on the runaway hit "High School Musical,"). She's signed a recording deal with Hollywood Records. Her debut CD "V" was released September 26. So I'm behind. I was debating whether to buy it or not. But I really like it!!! Here's a review:

Vanessa Hudgens is not "indescribable," as the MC who opens V proclaims in a hopped-up, hyped-out voice. On the contrary, the smoky-eyed High School Musical star commands a multitude of adjectives--she's adorable, talented, ambitious, and as this debut makes clearer than a set of invisible braces, young. With one foot in the grown-up, club-going world and the other in a powder-pink bedroom with a Barbie under the bed, Hudgens kicks out a crop of hooky and highly accessible tracks here. First single "Come Back to Me" dabbles in a sophisticated breed of disco, "Let's Dance" lets rip a whispery torrent of R-rated come-ons, and "Let Go," bolstered by its girls-night-out lyric, loses its inhibitions beneath an R&B-lite beat. Elsewhere, on tracks no less compelling, Hudgens explores her inner Hilary Duff: "Drive" pops the hood on her pop-anthem side ("As long as I'm alive, I'm gonna drive"), and "Afraid" wrestles with a sense of vulnerability all wrapped up in teen hormones ("Why am I so afraid/I can't see what's come over me"). Split personality or no, Hudgens makes a strong case through her Anna Nalick-reminiscent vocals alone that she's someone worth watching--a lot of emotion pours through her still-developing pipes and, as anybody who saw High School Musical knows, the girl can twirl. -Tammy La Gorce

And I sent these to Em and she brought them for me! They're so cute, I luv 'em!

I've updated my to-do list in the sidebar. Check it out!

Ashley Tisdale

Ok Go just relased their 2nd single "Do What You Want" off of "Oh No". Enjoy!