Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My brain is on crazy mode. I was wishing I was a senior this year because all my best friends are seniors this year and I felt like I was going to be left behind next year while they're all going to college and going on with their lives. But all of the sudden I'm so glad I'm not a senior anymore. I still have a lot of growing up to do. I still need to take more college classes and catch up on credits. I need more time to work on my Personal Progress. I still need another year of seminary. This has just hit me all recently.

I was so excited to go out on my own. But I am not ready. I need to mature. I keep saying stupid things. I need to learn to hold my tongue more.

I'm just taking my first college class right now. Psychology. And I hate it. I have to write an APA style, 15 page paper on schizophrenia by November 24th. And I have to give an exactly 15 minute presentation on my paper in front of the class. I'm pretty stressed...I just registered to take the ACT for the first time too. I'm very nervous.

I'm just really worried about not getting into the college I want to (BYU duh). My dreams would be crushed. It's scary to think about college. I need to mentally prepare myself for living on my own. I'm not looking forward to the college papers though. But I want to be like my parents who both went to BYU and did amazing. But I'm definitely not as amazing as my mom was in high school. I need to stop getting B's on all my Algebra II assignments.

My mind is just blown over right now. I love high school and hate it at the same time. I feel like every little thing I'm doing right now is affecting my future even in little ways.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Anastasia Romanov

I have always been fascinated by Anastasia. I don't know why. As a little girl, I loved the movie, and as silly and stupid as it is, and I still do. My mom hated it. And wished that she'd never surprised us and taken us to see it at the movie theater. I loved reading books about and looking at pictures of the Romanov family.

I really hoped that she had survived. (Now they know that she didn't) And kind of hoping that I'd find out that I really was part of a royal family too, and that I really was a princess. Me and Tashi having Russian names probably had something to do with it.

I love Meg Ryan, John Cusack, and Angela Lansbury's voices.

This song just makes me happy and takes me back to being a little girl and watching this over and over again with Tashi. The good days. Am I the only one that really likes Anastasia?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Sick

I'm home sick from school today. I'm not terribly ill, but I don't want to look like him.

Whenever I start to feel sick I know it's my body telling me to:
  1. get more sleep
  2. eat healthier
  3. have more time to myself and to meditate
  4. relax and enjoy what i have
I know I'm a weirdo but it's true. I need time to myself everyday. I need to think deeply about what happened through the day. I need to read books. I need to quilt. I need to listen to good music. I need to play the piano and imagine I will be an amazing composer like Patrick Doyle someday. I need to write in my journal and pour out my deepest thoughts. I need to cuddle up in my Ikea bed with my Ikea duvet and super soft black blanket my mom found. I need to paint my nails. I need to try on clothes and wish I have more. I need to dance to the music I listen to. I need to sing. I need to daydream and get all tickly on the inside. And I need to read my scriptures.

But usually each day leaves me with just enough time to read my scriptures. Which is the most important. But I go crazy if I don't get to do the rest of the things I mentioned above. Which is why today I will be shnuggled in my comfy bed, resting, daydreaming, reading my amazing book, and every so often I will get up to quilt or play the piano.

Not lopsided anymore!!!

It doesn't look lop-sided anymore!!!
Here's the new block. Notice the real 1930's feedsack in there, passed down from my mommy and her large antique/vintage fabric collection.
This one just makes me happy

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Emma Woodhouse is my kindred spirit

Of course I love Jane Austen. And Pride and Prejudice is good too. But it is not my favorite (gasp!). Emma is my favorite. I relate to her so much better than Elizabeth Bennet. Or any of the other Jane Austen characters. And I am constantly being scolded. (Badly done, Emma!) I have decided she is my kindred spirit. And I think Mr. Knightley is way more amazing than Mr. Darcy. But that's just me. What's your favorite? And why? I found this video on youtube, and it makes me happy. (How he gets all jealous of Frank Churchill *sigh*) Emma and Mr. Knightley just make me happy. And it's happy because it's an old song. Ooooh I'm all tingly inside. Jane Austen is genius. Me and Tashi are having a Jane Austen marathon and I'm planning on reading Emma when I'm done with the book I'm reading right now.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm in a quilting frenzy mood. It takes me so long to make one of these blocks and attach it onto the quilt top.

But I worked on it all during general conference. It's fun to do while I talk on the phone. Or while I'm watching movies. Or eating peanut butter m&m's that make me hyper. I'm working on the block that will fill that empty spot on the bottom right. I'm using bright, 1930's reproduction fabrics. But all the yellows in between the blocks are real feedsack (thank you, mommy!!!). I love hand-piecing. You don't need the sewing machine with you, and it's not noisy. The perfect thing to do when you're watching Jane Austen movies.

This is what my quilt would look like neon. I can't help messing around with pictures.
Am I the only teenager that quilts?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I promised I'd post about homecoming. I wasn't as excited for the homecoming at my new school this year. Because I won't lie, our football team stinks big time. My old school's football team didn't lose a single game until state. So it was really fun to watch them play and get all "school-spirit-y" for homecoming. But our homecoming week was so much fun here. Everybody really got into it!!! There was class color day (the juniors were yellow), twin day, pajama day, crazy day, and spirit day. Everyone dressed up so much.

The classes were easy, no homework, and we had fun things during homeroom everyday (volleyball games, karaoke, dance-offs, pep rallies, and hall decoratin
g). Everyone opened up a lot more, became more friendly, showing "themselves" more, showing more school pride. I loved going to school everyday that week. I feel a lot closer with my classmates. I think the seniors are having a harder time because they combined schools their last year at high school, but we have an extra year. I think we'll be an awesome senior class. And 2010 is a cool year.

2020 would be cooler, I have to admit. But we're into the teens of the 2000s! School's still school, but I like it a lot more now. Especially because our principal let us walk to Casey's during our digital photography class to go buy treats. (Look at Marley and Kyle's amazing footie pajamas!!!)

Amber is adorable.

They put tubes in their hair! Of course we got slaughtered at our game 60-6. And I didn't get asked to the dance. But it's okay because I got asked to the one in Q-town, which was a way bigger school and much more fun.

And just a side-note. Look at the difference between what the girls wear to homecoming this year at my new school (1st picture), and what the girls wore at my old school to the homecoming this year(2nd picture). I'm not saying anything against either side, it's just very different. Let's just say if I wore the kind of dress the girls at my old school wore to a dance here...I would stand out very much

new school

old school

Sunday, October 05, 2008

General Conference

Conference was really good. Last time was when I really got something out of Conference and came to appreciate it, because we were assigned in seminary to take notes. I got what I needed at that time, and I still remember what most of the talks were about without even looking at my notes or the ensign or whatever. So I was all ready to take notes this time, but I ended up just quilting the whole time. The time went by amazingly fast. (I finished 1 and a half on my grandmother's flower garden quilt!!!) It didn't even seem like there were enough speakers. I really liked Elder Holland's talk about angels, the General Young Womens President's talk and Boyd K. Packer's talk. I'm so glad that we have a prophet, especially one that is so optimistic about the future and loving towards all people. A lot of the talks were about enjoying the time now and not fearing the future. Missionary work, gratitude, and helping those with trials (service) were other big themes I noticed. I liked how they talked about Joseph Smith a lot. I've become a lot more interested in him and his teachings ever since we moved to Nauvoo. I'm turning into a church history buff.

I love Elder Uchtdorf's accent. The way he pronounced was awesome.
And I really like this video. I hope you like it too. I will post about homecoming next time!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Run, run, Nick, run, run!

Nick deserves this post. He joined Cross Country his senior year. And he's good! There were over 250 kids in his first race, and was #14!!! He ran so hard that he passed out after the finish line and doesn't remember anything. But his family said he collapsed and had to be put on oxygen. He thinks he's a wimp for that, but obviously it's a guy thing because I wouldn't have run that hard in the first place. Why is it that guys can push themselves that hard? It's crazy. And I know how it feels to run. I did cross country last year. And I would have done it this year at this new school, but supposedly I have a heart murmur. Which my doctor in Utah said was fine, but my doctor here says I shouldn't be in school sports where it's competitive and I push myself really hard. (Like region track this spring when I ran the 2-mile that I hadn't trained for, and my heart hurt for the rest of the day) So I can still jog, but no school sports for me. That's called a wimp. Haha

Your legs get so big when you do cross country. It's a very physically demanding sport. You're not on a team where you can trade off with other players. You have to push yourself as hard as you can. You burn so many calories, you're hungry all day and eat huge meals. Our coach last year let us eat anything we want, even junk food because you definitely burn it off.
Cross country gets kind of pushed out of the way. Dang it, now I'm really missing it. Stupid physicals that tell you things you don't want to hear...

Good job, Nick!!!

Sending you lots of proudness from way out here in western Illinois!!!