Monday, September 27, 2010


All of these photos were taken on my roommate Greta's camera or Macbook Pro.
On my and Rachel got into my lemon cake. Notice the crumbs on Rachel's face

Our dorm room door

Football game

The matching nighties we got for my birthday

The lemon cake my roommates made for my birthday. Notice the bandages on our arms.

Sorry, just pictures for now. I promise I'll talk about what's going on very, very soon. I'm just so darn stinking busy! I'm always one thing behind...even when I plan my time wisely. So I'm getting behind on homework when I blog, so it usually goes to the bottom of my priority list. I need to talk about my birthday, grandpa, the date auction, and many other fun things

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I really wish I had my camera with me. Because I don't feel like I'm a good enough writer to blog without pictures to go along with it. Oh well.

I had a good weekend with my roomies again. Rachel got her car fixed, so she got to go home for the weekend to North Carolina. I don't like how I miss people I just met.

We all went to Alexander's for ice cream right after class on Friday. I got black raspberry with a brownie mix-in of course! Nate (the guy who owns the place and is one of my chorus teachers) was like, "you want a whole brownie?" Yes, make me feel fat. Please. But then he realized I ordered a single, not a double. So he said I was justified with a whole brownie.

When we went to pick up Rachel's car, the guy who owned the car place (Leroy) said, "was that all you girls laughing out there? I think you were having too much fun. I wish I could be young." But he didn't seem nostalgic or joking. He actually seemed depressed about it. How sad is that? It's your choice whether you're going to have a happy life or not, no matter what your environment is.

Morgann came and slept over that night in Rachel's bed. And we went to the mall in the morning! It was only an hour away, and a very good mall. And I got my hair highlighted for $5. I only had to buy the bleach. It's not super noticeable. But I felt like my hair was a little dark. Morgann colored her hair back to brown. It was kind of nippy outside, so we snuggled and watched The Haunting in Connecticut. We pulled the mattresses onto the floor and Morgann and me squished Greta in the middle. Morgann and Greta were holding hands and I was clasped onto Greta's arm. There was a part were we screamed and jumped so loud, their hands were almost broken and Greta's arm almost broke so we had to pause the movie to wait for the pain to subside. Morgann didn't sleep over again, so me and Greta just slept on the mattresses together. We talked about boys til 1:30, when Greta passed out. I had to keep making sure she was there during the night. Why do I keep watching scary movies?

I'm having all my roommates take the Love Language test. It's actually quite informational. I've taught them about "dressing their truths." Now we just need to take the color-personality test. Hee hee

I really miss 2:00 church. 9:00 is just not making my body happy. At all. Yes, you can take a nap after church, but why not just sleep in and not interrupt your sleep? And go to church happy? And then you have less time after church to be tempted to do non-churchy things. Or be tempted to not take a nap.

I got called as a Visiting Teaching supervisor today. Doesn't sound too bad. Of course that's what I get because my mom is so visiting teaching centered. Greta's the compassionate service chair, and Haylea's a Gospel Doctrine teacher. Rachel doesn't have a calling yet because she was out of town. I'm excited for the CES fireside tonight. It's my first one!

The update on my grandpa is: they never got a definite diagnosis in Chile. They ruled out a few kind of cancers including squamos cell, lymphoma, and melanoma. They got back to Utah on Saturday (yesterday) afternoon, bringing back slides with them to get a better diagnosis here in the U.S. Their first doctor appointment is Monday. They're going to keep us updated. I'm praying!

And my cousin Stephen comes home off his mission on Thursday. And my birthday's next Tuesday! Life is good. But we're getting so old! 21 and 19? What is this?

Friday, September 10, 2010


I finished my first two weeks of college! When I told my mom that she laughed because I sounded so proud of myself. It's been busy but a good busy. I haven't gotten too overwhelmed and I've been spending my time wisely. I'm loving it here. Virginia is beautiful. Especially Rockbridge County. The view from my dorm is breathtaking. No matter what time of day. I need to post a picture. Just rows and rows of green mountains. Ah.

Even the math class I was dreading isn't so bad. Everything's been going good for me. No roommate fighting/drama, no classes I hate...I feel like I've already learned a lot just in these 2 weeks. Major still undecided...but right now I'm thinking about history. Oh, and Pocahontas helped me in class today. I was able to answer the question, "what British group came to the U.S. before the Puritans?" The Virginia Company, in sixteen-hundred-seven. (Not sixteen-oh-seven). So I'm keeping up with all my schoolwork, while still having the time of my life with my roommates. We spend too much time with each other. We keep trying to go out and be social, but things keep getting in the way (like a car not starting on the way to a football game)...but get this! I just got asked out on a date tonight. I've only been here for 2 1/2 weeks! But it's complicated. My roommates know the story. I'm very torn.

There's good devotionals every Friday to start off your weekend. Today's was by Stephanie Smith, a lady that just joined the church in 2007. But she had a top position in the CIA! And my institute teacher's wedding anniversary was yesterday. He said only about 3% of our generation would make it that far. I'm thinking I want to be in that 3%.

Oh, I'm on the Institute activities committee. I know my family misses me, and of course I miss them. But I can't believe how scared and homesick I was those first few days. That all seems so silly now. I realized I've been ready for college for a long time. Oh, and we got to go help some people move for $15 an hour. I loved it. I loved how I can come to a small town in the middle of Virginia and say Nauvoo, and everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. But like this moving family weren't members, so I just had to explain that It's a tiny town in Illinois on the Mississippi River. "Is it by Bloomington?" Noooo. I love being Mormon.

And I just found out my grandpa has stage 4 cancer. And my love life is all messed up. But those haven't gotten me down. Every other happy thing has drowned those 2 things out. And when isn't a love life messed up? So I guess that one doesn't really count. And I feel like there's 2 different paths in my life that seem like they could never match up. But they both feel right. So I'm all sorts of confused. But I'm just trusting that it will all work out in the end. It always does if you follow your heart. Yes, Pocahontas has taught me many life lessons.

Gah I feel like all my blog posts don't make sense. But comment, because that makes me happy too

So my advice is...go to college, because it makes you happy!