Sunday, April 29, 2007

Week of Youth

Wow! I haven't been posting about my life. Here it goes. Last Tuesday we had seminary at the Nanjos. I went early to hang out with Mana. We watched the first The Work and the Glory. Kousuke came too (after a series of unfortunate events, but he came anyway). The missionaries gave the lesson. Very simple and good. The Foooooooood was yummy too. Oh, and Chiba-kun came haha haha haha!

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I went the next day to the Nanjos too, and I watched the 2nd The Work and the Glory: American Zion with Mana. And we talked until Maika and Ribeka came home. Then Mana went to Seminary, and the 3 of us told scary stories. We got so scared that all 3 of us had to go to the door when the mail-man came haha. Dad had to go to High Council meeting late at night, and so I ate dinner and stayed until 10:30! Maika fell asleep before I left because she has early morning seminary. Thank you Nanjos for letting me come 2 days in a row!

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Thursday, I went to meet my dad in Tokyo. We ate at Cold Stone Creamery. haha I was like ignoring dad the whole time emailing Yuichiro! Then he took me to McDonalds and I got a hamburger set, and they were having this thing where if you bought a hamburger set, you got a free McFlurry! I was like so happy! I got oreo (why would you choose something else?). We walked around Tokyo, dad went to a quick business meeting, and we went home together on the train. Of all the things that could happen while I was in Tokyo, one of the biggest, busiest cities in the world, my belt that was on my hips fell down to my ankles while I was crossing a sidewalk. I was tripping all over the place and I thought I would die of embarassment!

Friday I was supposed to go to Missha with Mana, but she had to study for a test so we just went to the temple. Masaki, Zun-Tomonori, me, Maika, Mana, Ribeka, Kousuke (his first time), and Yoshuya came. We went to Baskin Robins before, and Mcdonald's afterwards. I got that darned hamburger set again and I thought I would throw up! My tum seriously hurt until I woke up the next morning. We played *Down by the banks* and the Vroom Vroom game, but we changed it to the Zoom Zoom game, and everytime you used the break you had to say, Tom! Haha it was so funny! I got home at almost 11:00 pm, and my dad's friend, Brian Loslow was over. I went to bed immediately. It sounds like lots of people got in trouble for getting home so late. But it was going slow inside the temple. We only hung out for about 30 minutes after the session! My dad didn't care haha

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I slept in 'til 9 am on Saturday morning. I could have slept more, but I had to be at Kasai ward at 10 am. We had a Kasai-Adachi activity. We went to Coco's and ate lunch. I got a taco salad. 4 YW went in on 2 sundaes, and it ended up that the chocolate one had coffee jelly at the bottom. Yuck! We played wink-killer, mafia, Nandemo-basket, and hide-and-go-seek. Lots of people came, and we had tons of fun! Until it freakishly started to rain. We had to call the Stout bus (my dad) and shuffle them all back to the train station. Oh, and we played the Vroom Vroom game again, but we changed it to Masaki. haha

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So Today I went to church. In Sunday School we had a good lesson on being spiritually blind. And we watched the YW General Broadcast after church, and the Youth Conference talent show video. Now I'm at home and my dad is getting mad at me for being on the computer too long.

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