Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nauvoo Pageant 2010

My summer is flying by. I have seriously been trying to update. But pageant becomes your life and you have no time for anything else. I always thought a missionary's life sounds boring. The same thing everyday. And no time for fun stuff. But missionary work really can be fun. Being in the pageant is a life-changing experience that a lot of people in Nauvoo don't get to participate in. To a lot of people in Nauvoo, pageant is annoying. It means a ton of tourists that crowd the town and it means they have to volunteer to work in the concession stand. I wish more Nauvoo people could be in the family cast.

It's so hard to explain and talk the pageant up. I feel like I'm trying to explain what salt tastes like to someone who's never had it before. It's kind of like EFY, but for families. But you have way more fun and way more missionary/spiritual experiences and opportunities. You grow with your family and become different people. You learn to not complain/criticize. You experience Zion. I had a lot of experiences last year that still impact me today. I also learned a lot more this year and was reminded of things I had forgotten. You meet so many people from all over the country. Everyone puts their best into the pageant, so it is the best ♥

You learn learn learn. From other people, the Spirit, and all the activities you do. I wish everyone in the world could have the opportunity to be in the pageant. Watching it is one thing, (which really did heal me spiritually,) but being in it is too. Lots of people come to watch because they need healing from losing a loved one. I've probably seen it a million times. It never gets old. Pageant is where you can have a family dance at midnight and have more fun than an EFY dance. It's where you realize you're hanging out with a 13, 15, and 21 year old and you're having som much fun and you feel like you're all on the same maturity level.

Our Red Cast was huge! We barely fit on the stage. I got to know the core cast a lot better being in Red Cast. I keep seeing people from last year and it makes me so happy on the inside. Our family feels like we might not be in it next year. Sad face. I might go join my cousin's family. :) It is so exhausting and hard on your body, but it's so worth it. I highly recommend it.

A lot of my friends came from school and came more than one night. You can tell that they felt that special feeling too. Even though they couldn't put their finger on it what is was. Our family is assigned to help with the Preshow (Frontier Country Fair) for the rest of the pageant. So now I have a good excuse to go down there every night. I don't want it to end! I'm dreading the end of July. But that also means I'll be closer to going to SVU.

I found out my dorm room assignment roommates. I have 3 - named Greta, Rachel, and Haylea. I bought my textbooks. I have my schedule. My mom bought me a towel set the other day. Gah. Excitedness. The time will fly again and all of the sudden I'll be in Virginia!

I know I apologize at the end of each post about it not flowing smoothly, but I apologize again. I just do them in such a hurry! I wish I had more time to post...

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P.S. Laura I would love to hang out with you and Becky once I get to college ♥