Thursday, April 05, 2007

Adios, Tokyo Stake!

OH~ I'm going to miss my Tokyo-Stake-Youth-Friends so much!!! We've become so chummy over the past 4 years. What is it about Tokyo Stake? Everybody's just friendly and polite. The boys and girls get along. Nobody's shy. We're small, so we're tight.

All of you make me feel warm inside. You know I won't forget you. All those Kasai-Nakano activities...Youth Conference...Super Saturdays...Stake Temple Day...They're all in my heart. Haha that sounds stupid and sappy. But I feel so at home here in Japan.

Yuichiro & Shunichiro, thanks for the chocolate and caramel toothpaste!!!

And I hope you got the picture, Ari!

With heavy hearts, and tears in our eyes

Just for now my friends; we say goodbye

I hope that you all realize how special you are to me.

Please don't forget us! We won't forget you!

And we promise that we'll come back to Japan. Promise!!!

Ya'll come to Utah, ya hear?

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