Saturday, April 21, 2007

Oh my Squishies!

Oh my squishies! They left me on the 17th.

We sent them off to the airport. The Nanjos came too to help drive us/luggage, and to see us off of course.

Oh, they're so cute!!!

Last time I saw them. I'm mad that all my pictures are blurry!!!

The Nanjos are sooooo kewl!

Right before we left for the airport, we filmed our OK Go dance that we've been practicing and used in our talent show. It's a dance by the band ok go, and they have 4 band members, so me, Tashi, Maika, and Mana Nanjo all practiced it for fun. We hadn't practiced it since Youth Conferene, we were in a hurry, I was filming it with my digital camera, and Mia keeps getting into it or laughing in the background. So it's not that good. Please compare it to ok go's video on

or if it doesn't work, go to the site:

We actually like the "Here We Go Again" dance better, but we'd always need 8 treadmills on hand haha


maika said...


My name is Lexi said...

今のは夏に撮るやつの予告だからね 笑
Here It Goes Againもやりたいね

yuli said...

omg i love the dance~

My name is Lexi said...

thanks!!! but we just copied OK Go's dance - not too orginal lol

Anonymous said...

Brady wants to talk!!!

-Hey, love the question though. HOW DID YOU MEMORIZE SO MANY DANCE MOVES??!! Anyway, just wanted to check in on you guys.
Brady Rodenebrg