Sunday, March 09, 2008

Busiest but Happiest

Sorry I haven't been posting. This has been one of the busiest but happiest times of my life. I was working 5 days a week - from 3:30-10:00 pm on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. I was getting no sleep. Work has been so stressful. They don't schedule me and Gina on the same days, you always have to be doing something or they send you home early etc etc.

But now I'm only working 2-3 days a week, track has started which will be a little bit stressful, but it feels good. I love running. Our first meet is in 2 days.

So I've been trying to juggle scripture study, mutual, church, keeping my grades up, getting serious about memorizing my skit with Wade for region drama, a 300-point calorie assignment for health class, a 4-page research paper in English, a memorized speech for Spanish, taking tests in geometry when Mr. Hansen has been gone for basketball and baseball so he hasn't been there to teach us, finish the book I'm reading for a book report, pay my parents back for Japan, keep my room clean and do my chores, getting ready for Japan, working at Carl's Junior, track practice after school...and I know I'm missing a ton of stuff. But do you get the picture as to why I haven't been posting?

But this is where loving family and friends come in. I've finally been able to hang out with Gina and Merial on Friday night. That was like the craziest night of my life. A long story. Gina tucked me in that night because I'm her enchilada baby hahaha

And through all this, I'm enjoying this time in my life. I'm so happy. I've had a very interesting life, seen more and experienced so much more than any kid in this county, but now I'm experiencing this "out on the ranch", small-town busy high school life with these kids. The life my mom had and has been talking about since I was little that seemed so weird and far away (I used to make fun of it) and now it's happening to me. I love living here, but I'm so glad I wasn't born and raised here. I can't imagine being in this little town my whole life. I'm glad I've seen the world. I've seen so many different cultures, religions, beliefs, poverty...I'll always remember the little boy sitting with his mom on the streets of Bangkok late at night and his mom telling to run up to us because we were Americans and beg some money from us. I will always remember that night. I've seen the sad life some people have, that some of us Americans can't even begin to imagine. The world is so different, but everywhere I've gone to church, I've had the same feeling.

And I haven't been spending any money. Aren't you proud of me? But I've been having the craves for it. Look at these gorgeous shoes and dresses Miley Cyrus is wearing. I wish I had her body, dang it. But that's not the point. They look so delicious. I'm like drooling. Shopping withdrawals haven't been good to me.

drool drool

I wish I had enough hair to do that and my legs were that tan and I could pull off that outfit

I would so wear that to my junior prom next year. I actually want it to look like that.