Sunday, March 28, 2010

Musical Tshirts

These are the tshirts I designed. Aren't they pretty snazzy?

All the tiny font on the back is people's names. But for privacy reasons, I won't zoom in.

Isn't that nice for 7 dollars?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. 2010

The play is OVER! I was getting really nervous the opening day of the play during school. I tried not to think about it but kept getting the jitteries. The lady who did our hair was amazing and we had period authentic makeup. All of the sudden we looked good enough for a show. I think the picture below looks awesome!

The actual performance went much much better than our bad dress rehearsals. But we were still pretty nervous and tense. Aren't those fringe dresses awesome?

My off nights were full of dances. And dances are not my strong points. But it was still really fun. 20's dances are the bomb!

I loved my finger curls and didn't want to wash them out!

My mom made the purple office dresses. And don't you love the nerdy glasses? They're crappy sunglasses from Walmart with the lenses punched out.

There's parts of the movie and parts of the play I like. I don't like it when books/plays and movies are exactly the same.

Look at Tashi's ponytails! I love them! (She front row, very left)

I got a lot of flowers for being a senior. And we gave "Buster" the gopher to Maria. There were just too many juniors to choose from! It felt amazing to catch up on sleep.

The other cast that Tashi was in was amazing too. I was very proud of everybody. And I loved wearing flouncy Miss Dorothy dresses, and "modern" outfits on my off night. My hair wasn't really the "long curls" Dorothy is supposed to have. Oh, excuse me, I meant Miss Dorothy haha.
The final night was my cast and we did the best show our high school has ever seen. We were so hyper it felt like electricity was running through everything.
Check out the rest of the pictures on Facebook. And I'll post links to some videos my parents took on my camera in a later post.

I was really depressed after the play was over last year. I missed hanging out with all the play people and had too much time after school. I still miss everybody, but I'm still hanging out with them, and I have scholarships due soon and I have to study for the ACT. I'm a busy girl. I'm so glad I met all the people I did in the play, and the experience it's given me.

Today is exactly 2 months til graduation! Life is good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March Madness

Today is my half-birthday. I'm 18 and a half!

Time is going by a little too quickly. Our musical is already over. It's about 2 months til I graduate. And I feel like I've had a very successful/fulfilling month. I feel like I did very well at Solo and Ensemble contest and that my hard work paid off. It felt good to get something that I really wanted, and worked hard for, instead of being naturally born with it and taking the talent for granted. This month I also had my first jazz band performance and Elder Holland came to Nauvoo. And our play was amazing. All of the events above made me very busy and gave me little time to do homework and other important things - thus sending me to bed late. Then I would have to wake up early for seminary or the above events on the weekends so I've been very behind on sleep lately (not to mention daylight savings stole an hour from me too).

Our dress rehearsals were looking really rough and awful. It was not audience material. It was very stress-making. A girl in the musical and in Tashi's grade's mom died last Sunday and the funeral was on Wednesday. I went to the funeral instead of school. And it was my first funeral/viewing. Isn't that crazy? I didn't know Carly's mom personally, but it was still very very sad. The pastor talked about Resurrection, but not about families being forever. It made me very grateful. Carly has been really strong and came to school the day after her mom died, and went back to school after the funeral. And she still did an amazing performance.

I bought roses for my best friends in the play. I ordered red, but the florist ran out because of a funeral and I got stuck with pink instead. It was still pretty anyways.

Oh and I loved watching that BYU basketball game against Florida. My world history teacher was watching it on his little tv as we were walking into class and he said he was going to keep it on just to check scores every once in a while. He said he was going to turn it off if people stopped paying attention. Well, I wasn't paying attention until I realized it was BYU. So then me, Amanda, and Amber, the 3 Mormon seniors got really excited and cheering for BYU. It went into double overtime and was very intense. At first our teacher was like pay attention! But it gradually turned into "commercial break! okay back to our notes on the Battle of Midway..." It was so funny. After school you could hear kids in the hall saying "I hate BYU" bahahaha

I was in charge of tshirts for the musical. I wasn't assigned, but I took charge! I stayed up really late one night working on the design, and it was a real pain, but it was worth it. They look pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. They're black tshirts with "Thoroughly Modern Millie Junior" in red ink on the front, with the cast in white ink on the back. I got them for only $7 each from a guy here in Nauvoo!

It has been getting really warm here in Nauvoo. The grass is green already and you can hear birds chirping. But it randomly snowed on Saturday. It wasn't a lot, just a slushy snow, but it was still a little discouraging.

I have also heard the good news that a kid who graduated from my school last year that was investigating for a long time has been baptized. He told me all about it yesterday. I love conversion stories. It made up for my sadness of another friend falling away from the church. This has been a good month for me.

Now that the musical is over, I have time to quilt, earn money, work on scholarships, do my visiting teaching and other church acitivities easier, read, and get ready for college.

I still need to post pictures of the tshirts, talk about the musical performance and post pictures of that, and make the exciting post about where I'm going to college!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Elder Holland

Elder Holland came to our Stake Conference last Sunday. It was amazing. He has a good sense of humor, but the serious points he makes are very strong. The whole week before he came, I was very depressed and didn't know why. The same thing happened before I met President Monson (even though I didn't know I was going to meet him ahead of time.) Satan was really working on me trying to control my emotions. But it just makes me feel the Spirit so much more when I meet them and strengthens my testimony. Satan fails haha. So I have met and talked David Archuleta, President Monson, and Elder Holland in less than a year. How lucky is that? Nauvoo is the place to be!

They are always so full of the Spirit. How awesome would it be to have your testimony show in every conversation? Or just in your presence? (Without being self-righteous.)

I got to shake his hand. He said I looked like a Dr. Seuss character! I just think that's so funny. Instead of just a hello, he was actually trying to find unique about each person who came up to him. I definitely won't forget what the prophet or this apostle said to me personally. My testimony was definitely strengthened by meeting them. Whenever I feel like I can't take anymore discouragement in my life, Heavenly Father sends me something amazing to keep me cheerful. How can you not feel cheerful when the prophet or an aspotle speaks? And knowing the talk was especially for our stake made it so much better than a general conference talk.

Elder Holland's talks are very sharp and makes you proud (a good proud) to be a member of the church. The gospel is so amazing!

Eva Ibboston

I just finished reading this book A Countess Below Stairs. It was very lovely. I read another book by Eva Ibboston back in September too (The Reluctant Heiress). They were both romance novels set in Europe in the 20's. They are very well written and completely pull you in because you need to focus to keep everything straight. There are a lot of characters and it always keeps you on your toes. Look into them! They're clean and this lady know what she's writing about because she was born in Vienna and went to college in England.

We're watching Bleak House by Charles Dickens as a family right now. It is very good so far.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Solo and Ensemble 2010

Saturday was Solo and Ensemble contest. We had to leave very very early. Me, Tash, Eli, and Quentin coordinated our clothes to be black and white for our group. We sang the EFY medley and got a 2 - from the really really mean judge.
I did very good on my solo - the best I've ever done. And I nailed my scaled and triads too. Only Tash, Elle, Eli, and Quentin watched my solo because I went way earlier than scheduled. But it made it so I was way less nervous. And I got a 1! My senior year! I was so happy.

It felt so good to get the best rating for something I had been working hard for everyday. Lately I feel like I push myself and work hard and get crappy results. So this felt really good. Music makes me feel good. And winning feels good too.

The medical field is not for me

My anatomy class went on a field trip to the University of Iowa to look at some of their medical stuff on Tuesday. We handled plasticized organs - they were a lot smaller than I thought! We looked how they find out somebody's blood type. We looked at the CSI side of it too (looking at blood cells through a microscope). It turns out there's all these behind the scenes people in the medical field. And all of them kept reminding us how they would never lose their jobs no matter how bad the economy gets (but who knows with this health care bill...) There are robots that do surgery now! (I guess I'm behind) We also looked at how busy the blood testing center was. They had millions of dollars of equipment to test the blood in one room. Some people there mistook us for third year medical students haha.

The bus ride was long, but we got Arby's so it's all worth it, right?

Well I was thinking about it. I am definitely not going into the medical field. It fascinates me, but I couldn't handle it professionally. I do love my anatomy class, though.

And I've tried and I've tried, but I guess Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be an athletic person. I love exercising and being healthy, but...

I'm also thinking theater isn't for me either. Which limits my options for college. I feel very caught lately, or stuck between being treated like an immature teenager and treated like a single adult with a ton of responsibility.

And I have been up to my ears in scholarships. Gah