Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kansas Twister Quilt

This is my kansas twister quilt. Do you see how it's different from the one in the post just below this?

I have 18 blocks so far, and I've been finishing half to a whole block a night. None of the blocks are sewn together yet. But I've had experience with hexagons from my grandmother's flower garden quilt.

The back of a block:

I only have orange, red, turqoise, and purple right now. But I plan to have light blue, pink, green, and yellow too. I'm going to take 7 of the same color blocks to make a flower (1 for the middle, and 6 around), and connect the "flowers" with a solid block. I know it doesn't make much sense right now... I love holding up blocks to a window and making it look like stained glass.

Piles of fabric or colorful quilt blocks make me happy. Quilting takes my mind off things. It keeps me busy and pull me out of sadness because I'm doing something productive.

Tell my what you think :) Will my future husband like it? haha


Ruth Fritton said...

Hi Lexi. Iwould like the pattern for this hexagon, what size triangle do you use? If you don't have the pattern and instructions do you know where I can get it?

Ruth Fritton said...

Thank you for the info. I forgot that part!!