Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy All Saints day

Okay, life's going pretty good.
On Monday dad stayed home from work all day to spend time with us, and then I went and taught English to one of my students. Tashi had been making Halloween cookies on Sunday evening, and was frosting them all afternoon. She worked especially hard on this one cookie that took her 20 minutes. She frosted "Vote For Pedro" on it. Anyways, after I came home from teaching, we took the cookies to the Nanjos, the Murakami's, and the Ochiai's. Sister Ochiai's apartment is really nice. Except my dad over-did himself again, but he's feeling better now. I love the Nanjo's! They're so fun!
We were going to take them to the Miura's and the Kawaminami's too, but my dad didn't feel good so we went home and watched "Church Ball" instead. It was really stupid. Don't waste your time watching it.
Tuesday we took the rest of the cookies (to the Miura's amd Kawaminami's) in the afternoon. We had good luck, because out of all 5 houses we went to, everyone was home! When we went to the Kawaminami's, Shingo and Chie (and Himari) were visiting so we were able to give the cookies to them and talk with them for a while. Then we went to Daiei and took Purikura! Because it's Halloween!

We got home at like 4:00, but dad was already home from work. We watched "The Perfect Man" starring Hilary Duff together. My dad liked it, and he's not a chick-flick guy.
Today my dad was at work all day and then had a High Council meeting after that, and he's still not home. So yeah, today was boring. I watched the movies that the other stakes had made for Mutual Conference, because I couldn't help myself and I couldn't wait until Friday, and ours is way better! ("Sorry if I'm offending anyone. If I am, it's Bishop Kawaminami's fault")...sound familiar? Anyways, but truly, our movie is so good thanks to Bishop Kawaminami. I love how he touched it up!
I taught Yuki English today, and had my singing lesson. Then I ran into Honoko as I was riding my bike to go shipping. I wonder if her dad won the election for mayor...need to look that one up. Hurry home dad! We're bored!


tashtash said...

I felt bad for B. Kawaminami..he was wotking so hard to translate.

My name is Lexi said...

it was a joke