Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A date with Maika

All my commenters went somewhere...
I took purikura with Maika yesterday. It was so funny! Then we went back to her house and thought up a plot and script for the movie our stake has to make for Mutual Conference.
I just keep eating junk food! I need to stop!
Maika and her mom drove me to the station, but they met up with Maika's dad there. I said it was fine to leave me at the station, but he insisted on driving me home. When I came home mom and dad were at that therapy doctor place again.
Since my dad was late on Monday, we had family home evening last night. We didn't even do anything spiritual. We just watched The Wizard of Oz. My dad is leaving on a business trip to the US today, so we are spending lots of time with him. It's no fair. While he's there he's going to _ _ _ _ to visit f_ _ _ _ _! (This is a secret to one of the people who reads my blog)Waaaaaaah!
Here's the purikura we took:

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This is from the newest Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. The girl on the left is the main character, her name is Miley Stewart on the show (played by Miley Cyrus). She's a preteen who lives a secret life as a pop star. Miley just moved from Tennessee as a country singer and now has to adapt to life in Malibu. She goes to a normal public school and has normal friends, but nobody knows she's a famous singer! Only her friends! The show includes original music recorded by its star, Miley. Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment star as the friends of Miley who know her big secret and Jason Earles stars as Miley's brother. Miley Cyrus's real life dad, country crooner Billy Ray Cyrus, plays her dad and manager. It's going to air on October 14 in Japan finally! Haley Joel Osment (the little boy on Sixth Sense)'s little sister, Emily Osment plays Miley's friend on the show. Emily is the girl on the right of the icon. She totally looks like her older brother! I can't wait for the show to start!

Please Comment!!! Please!


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I can't wait for Hannah Montana!!!!

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