Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sayonara to the 3 squishies

I call everyone in my family a squishy. I love that word! But I call my mom, Mia and Noah squishies the most. It's Mommy-squishy, Mia-squishy, and Noah-squishy. And those 3 squishies left for Utah today! Boo-hoo!
My mom is pregnant, and Mia and Noah are hyper-active, so my dad gave each of them a blessing that everything would go well.
We drove them to the airport, and checked them in. When they were going into the part where only passengers can go, and we had to seperate, Mia had to go through the scanner, but she came running back to give each of us (me, Tashi, and Daddy) a hug. Isn't that so cute and heartwarming? She's so cute!
We went to Costco on the way home from the airport, and we got a turkey for Thanksgiving, but no tortillas, no oatmeal, so soymilk, and...NO PUMPKINS!
They had kabocha and giant, super big pumpkins that were 5000 yen each, but they only had 2 of them. Dad had wanted to get some pumpkins for Sarasa and Shosho, but no...Costco wanted to be mean again. They aren't selling the stuff we want them to anymore! Dad didn't even buy anything because it's not like we have little kids this year. But we think the pumpkins might have been sold out or something.

Now I know why people get excited about that pack of rootbeer at Costco. You get 24 cans for 718 yen! If you bought them out of a Jidou-hanbaiki (vending machine) you could only get 8 cans for that much! (And you can't even buy them out of a vending machine in Japan. Except at the Temple Annex, but then it' still 100 yen a can)Wow! So I bought some!
When we got home we watched Tuck Everlasting, (we ate dinner at Costco) and went to bed early.
Then we slept in this morning.
And Natalie's package came this morning (Saturday) just in time. Now my costume is complete (part of my costume was in that package)

Dad just left for a funeral in Koiwa, and me and Tashi are going to go on the train and meet him there for the Halloween party at 6:00 PM tonight.
Can't wait for the party!!!!!