Monday, October 09, 2006

Activity at Nakano!

*Ashley Tisdale*

We had an Stake activity at Nakano yesterday. It's so far away!! We filmed our movie for Mutual conference. It was about some bad guys kidnapping the missionaries for ransom, but the missionaries get them to repent! And they get set free! Yay! I was a missionary! I was so pooped when I came home! I'm using too many exclamation points!!! Please vote on the poll to the right and choose your favorite Disney Channel star from the icons below because I'm going to do a poll on that.
Daddy's coming home tomorrow! Hooray!

*Ashley Tisdale* singing "Kiss the Girl"

*The Ladies of HSM* (totally cute dresses!)

The picture Tashi requested of *Aly & AJ*. SCARY to the max! They look like middle-aged-teenage-wannabes. They seriously look gross! You don't need to look trampy and tan to be cute!

*Ashley Tisdale*

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