Saturday, October 14, 2006


Okay, "Christmas Story" is like the funniest movie ever. I recommend it!!!
I should follow Maika's example. Our lesson in Young Womens today was about keeping the sabbath day holy, and I'm on the computer. No even worse...I'm on the internet. But I'm writing in my journal, it's just that it's on the that okay?! I'm lost.
Talk about lots of Youth today! Less-active kids came so it was fun.
And we had seminary after church. I haven't gone for a while because it was Stake Conference then I stayed home from church cause I was sick, and then it was General Conference.
I'm going to memorize my master scriptures!!!
I might change my blog skin again. What do you guys think?
My favorite Hannah Montana episode:

I'm going to keep working on my to-do list!!!


maika said...

I think that you should change your blog skin if you want to change!
I like the skin your chose every time.

My name is Lexi said...

Thank you, Maika. I think this new skin the most!!!

tashtash said...

Me too