Thursday, October 12, 2006

Phantom of the Opera

*Phantom of the Opera*
Me and Tashi started watching Lord of the Rings 2 today. You have to watch all 3 of them close together - OMG that's 9 hours if you watch all of them! But we skip the Frodo/Sam/Smeogal parts because they're boring. We want to watch Aragorn!!!! Hannah Montana starts tomorrow!!!!
We went to Milky Way, a fabric store by our house. I bouht toom uch fabric...again. But I love it! Quilting is addicting! Seriously!
Things going on in my life right now:

  • Read the first 4 books in the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Read "Christy" by Catherine Marshall
  • Finish my Grandmother's flower garden quilt
  • Finish my handmade Christmas presents for people
  • Read "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok
  • Memorize all of my master scriptures for seminary
  • Get caught up on my seminary
  • Finish my portfolio assignment in English

*Phantom of the Opera*

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