Saturday, September 30, 2006

Body-shock Saturday

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I went to Maika's Bunkasai yesterday. I'm so sick of our train line! The train I wanted to get on to get there only comes every other train. I got lost on the way, but I followed some High School students and I eventually got there. I thought Maika's class had the best theme. They sold stuff from Thailand, and then they're going to spend the money they got on a Christmas present for the children in Thailand! Isn't that nice? So I bought some bracelets. I even helped sell stuff. We walked around the whole school but only other thing I enjoyed besides Maika's class was the ice-cream-topped waffles that another class sold. I helped clean up when it was done and waited for her because we were going to go take purikura afterwards. But when we get to the train station and I call my mom, it ends up that they'd been trying to call Maika's cell phone forever, but Maika said her phone didn't say she had any missed calls. Anyways, my mom wanted me to be home in 30 minutes because she wanted to got to the Relief Society broadcast at Senzokuike, and I had asked to go with her because Emi was going to be there. And they had been trying to get ahold of me, but they couldn't so I had been totally hanging out. So I had to hurry home as fast as I could. I started to run home once I got to our station, but I was running so fast I sware I burst an organ open, and it hurt for hours afterward. I met up with Tash and mom on the way there, and we went on the train. We got there in time luckily. But because of all the things I did that day and because I got so stressed out about getting home, I came down with a cold. I'm tired of being sick all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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