Thursday, September 21, 2006

birthday party tonight

Yes, my birthday is over, folks. No wait! I still have 2 more days! My sleepover-birthday party is tonight!!! Yay! DisneySea here we come! OMG I am so excited! We're going to go on all the scary rides!!! And then we come home and dance HSM and Napoleon all night!

Yesterday we took Mia on the Tower of Terror. It was so funny! She got bored in line, and was a little bit scared because she could here the screaming, but no crying or fussing. Once we got on the ride she just clung to mom's arm and didn't make a peep or move throughout the whole ride. When it was over, she asked "is it done now?" and when my mom said yes, she started to cry really loud. We regretted not buying the picture they took of us on the ride. Mia's face was so funny!

I had a lemon cupcakes/lemon frosting with dried coconut on top (I love coconut!!!) for my birthday party. My mom spoiled me rotten. 9/10s of what I got was clothes, but I love clothes, so I was happy. Tashi gave me the "Disneymania 4" CD, my dad gave me an iPod shuffle, my mom bought me all the clothes, g'ma and g'pa Stout gave me book called "Flash fire" and a necklace, and g'ma and g'pa Limburg bought me necklace when I was in Utah during the summer.

I just want to thank everyone for making my birthday a great day. I got so many phone-calls, emails, birthday cards, presents, messages on the family website, and comments on my blog wshing me a happy birthday.

  • G'ma and G'pa Stout: a birthday present, a phone call on my birthday, and a birthday card
  • G'ma and G'pa Limburg: a birthday present and a phone-call on my birthday, a message on the family website
  • Maika: 2 emails, a comment on my blog, she mentioned my birthday on her blog, and a phone-call
  • Mana: she mentioned my birthday on her blog, an email
  • Gina and Jeff: a cute birthday card, a messaged on the family website
  • Courtney: an email!
  • Micaela: message on the family website
  • Great-grandma Smith: a message on the family site
  • The Mulders: a message on the family site
  • Yuki: an email
  • Sister Ochiai (my seminary teacher): an email
  • Nagomi: an email and ecard
  • And all the people that signed a surprise birthday card for me including Chiba-kun, Bishop Kawaminami, Shunichiro, the YW presidency, the Elders, Sister Nakgawa, Ena, Chihiro, Yoshuya, Ribeka A., Sister Hagita, Maika, Sister Shizuno, Ribeka N., Ena, Taeko, Sister Nanjo, Masaki, Momo, and Miho.
Here's the music video to my favorite song on the CD that Tashi bought for me. I love Cinderella, and I love the song "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes". The Disney Channel stars sing this all together. I like the original, but this is good too. It has Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical.


Grandma Stout said...

I'm glad to hear you had such a great birthday and got such nice presents. Now you can start looking forward to your 16th birthday!

My name is Lexi said...

Yes, my sweet sixteen! I can't wait!