Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fun, fun, fun!

We had an eventful Sunday today. We had our broadcast Stake Conference, had seminary (I memorized 5 scriptures today. I'm so cool!), and had a birthday party for all the kids who have had/ will have their birthday recently/soon. So yes, my birthday was celebrated. And Ribeka, and Mana. Happy Birthday! We had birthday cake, cotton candy, and tako-yaki. I got a birthday card that everybody had written on. But Mana and Ribeka both had messages from the Stake President. NO FAIR! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Well, I got one from the Stake President's son. And _ _ _ _ _kun Haha! And then we played tag like little kids. I got so hot. It's so hot today! It's like 84 degrees right now, but it's 70% humidity, so it feels like 91 degrees. I'm not kidding. That's what it said on Yahoo! weather. In Japan it feels like summer until the end of September.

All of my friends have had birthdays recently. Everybody go to their blogs and wish them a happy birthday!
Mana: Turned 18 on August 31st.
Gloria: Turned the big 40 on September 4th.
Ribeka: Turned 13 on September 9th.
Mitsuho: Turned 15 on September 9th.


maika said...

Sister Nakagawa didn't know that you love the Stake President as much as mana does.That's too bad!!!!!

*Happy Birthday*
Mana & Gloria & Ribeka & Mitsuho!!!
And Alexa!! But your birthday is 21th.
"Omedetou sei"

My name is Lexi said...

It's okay that Sister Nakagawa didn't know...maybe next year...

"Omedetou sei" no tokoro de bakushou shichattann dakedo...wara

tashtash said...