Monday, September 18, 2006


Yesterday was a National Holiday in Japan. And it was Nagomi's 15th birthday!! Hooray! Congrats!!
Yesterday morning it started to rain REALLY hard so we cancelled our plans of going anywhere and decided to just have a stay-at-home-and-cuddle day. We watched 3 movies yesterday - "Remember the Titans" (starring Denzell Washington), "Anatomy of a Murder" (Starring James Stewart), and "Cowbelles" (starring Aly and AJ Michalka). I really like Remember the Titans. It makes you feel good. But Anatomy of a Murder was horrible! We love Jimmy Stewart and we were excited to watch it, but it was very inappropriate. It was the academy award-winning movie of 1959. If that tells you anything. It was realy bad. Don't watch it. I like Cowbelles. Disney is doing better with their DCOMs I think. The old ones were for younger kids and had a lame actiing, script, and a predictable plot. But this DCOM (Cowbelles) was good. Nothing compared to High School Musical mind you, but it was good. I never even got ready yesterday - GROSS! But the rain stopped but lunch-time, so it was kind of annoying. There was going to be an activity at our stake center, and Maika and Mana went, and it sounds like they had a good time. They went on splits with the missionaries. I've done that before, so I didn't feel like I missed too much. OMG I hate doing the dishes! You're in there for a few minutes and it feels like 30 minutes. I'm not kidding. I'd do anything besides that!!!

Yay! Today we have our quilting-mutual acitivity!

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