Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Yay! I got out of the house!

*Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, and Chad*

So yeah, yesterday morning I had just started on my schoolwork when my mom gets a phonecall. It's from Sister Vilburn. "I'm sick" she says. Maybe she doesn't want to me to shout out to the whole world, but she got an infection you get when you nurse your babies (she has a 1 month old). Most moms who nurse their babies get it. My very independent, loud, strong, blunt aunt got it 11 years ago and my mom went to go take care of her. My mom said she was crying like a baby. So yeah, if that tells you how bad it is...But I had to be there in 15 minutes because Sister Vilburn had called a Taxi at 10 am, and is paying the guy by time, so if I was late, she'd have to pay for all that time I was late. I always do my schoolwork in my pajamas. I'm never ready at that time of day. And I had to be ready in 15 minutes!!! Aaaaahhhh! I scrambled around and got there on time somehow. My one time-passing baby-sitting tool was forbidden:
"The kids can't watch any more tv/videos. They've watched enough already!"...oh no...
I had to read books and play with them instead. I'm used to that, and there's nothing wrong with it, but when you do that each minute feels like an hour. Movies makes the time go by faster.
Well, the one good thing was I got to borrow Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I know, I know. I'm behind.
After I baby-sat our family went to Ito Yokado and I bought some school supplies. You don't need that much with homeschool, but you still need folders to seperate your classes and assignments and stuff.
My singing teacher said I'm not progressing. Now I have to practice everyday or something...wah!!!!!!!!!!
I took a walk with dad for an hour last night. I need to excersize more...
Tonight we're going to the temple! Yay!

"Come Back to Me" sung by Vanessa Anne Hudgens (Gabriella on High School Musical):

Big news!!! Zac Efron cut his hair!
*Zac Efron with Vanessa Anne Hudgens*

*Gabriella, Troy, Kelsi, and Zeke*


fairychow said...

hi...just saying hi...=D

thought it was interesting that you were living in japan...

yea found you off the byu math thingy...

yea...i just wanted to say こんばんわ!!! 

My name is Lexi said...

Cool!! Do you live in Japan too?

Grandma Stout said...

So who is the blunt aunt that your mother rescued 11 years ago? Good job--being such a good and willing babysitter at a moment's notice.

My name is Lexi said...

I didn't mean to use the word blunt, but I couldn't think of another word. It was Natalie.

Dad said...

I dig your blog.

your Dad