Friday, September 15, 2006

Sunny Day

So yeah. Today I finished my report on Chinese tones and my other report on reading. I thout 12 o'clock would never come (that's when school is over)...
But I went to DisneySea with Tashi after that and I went on Tower of Terror for the 3rd time. I get so scared on that ride. I scream even when we're not going down. Haha It was nice because it was teh first clear day in 3 days. I hate rain! It ruins all your fun plans!
And after we came home all of us (everyone but dad) went to Ikspiari. I got 2 Pirates of the Caribbean postcards, and Spongebob Squarepants postcard, a cute shirt from Gap that was on sale for 600 yen (yay!!!) and the most yummiest cookies of all time: Dare's "Ultimate Cinnamon Danish"...(drool)...I love 'em!

*(Cute shirt from Gap)*


maika said...

I want to do to Disney sea!!!
22nichi TANOSHIMI!!!!ahaha

Grandma Stout said...

Hi Lex, I have read your blog--I have been behind. Your shirt is cute. I haven't felt well all week. Last night your friends from Japan came to eat dinner with us and sleep. We couldn't understand anything they said and they couldn't understand anything we said. It was very interesting. There were the bride, her parents and 2 brothers and three sisters and her aunt and uncle. We found a place for everyone to sleep. I hope they were comfortable-I will never no. The bride and groom left early for the temple this morning and the rest followed. They returned afterward to pick up their things and head to Heber for the reception. I hope they make it there alive. They don't know the traffic laws here. They are talking about going to Grand Canyon or Zion's and Bryce. It turned cold last night and snowed in the mountains. It wasn't a nice day for pictures at the temple for them. I just wanted to report to you how it went. I gave the groom some good advice. "Keep your wife busy so she doesn't get homesick."
I love you.

My name is Lexi said...

wow! thanks for this long comment grandma! it sound like you had an adventure with them. i got your present yesterday. i want to open it really bad!!! i think it's a Stout thing.