Thursday, September 28, 2006

Temple Night

Yesterday we went to the temple! We met up with Maika and went on the train together. This time we went with another ward, because they make up for us. They have all the Young Men in their ward and we have all the Young Women. So when we get together with that ward it makes it even. We got there extra early so we could eat McDonald's for dinner and then have some ice cream at Baskin Robins. All of that food was full of fat and sugar...oh dear...
Then we got to come home with Maika too because our train line was having problems! Yay!

Aly & AJ are two sisters whose ages are close together like me and Tashi. Their full names are: Alyson "Aly" Michalka and Amanda Joy "AJ" Michalka. AJ is my age, and Aly is 23 months older. They're from Disney Channel, and I like them!

*Aly & AJ*

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