Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday me and Tashi went to Ikspiari to go buy birthday presents for the Itoh girls. All 3 of them had their birthdays recently. Last year I got it to them on their actual birthday, but this year...I'm lazy. Sorry!
We had our quilting mutual acitivity last night. Nobody came except me, Tashi, and the 3 Nanjo girls (and their mom). So half the time they worked on their quilting, and after that we danced HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! We taught them how to dance it, because we're professionals now. Maika and Mana ended up making their own dance. It was so funny. They got me, Tashi, and Ribeka laughing so hard we couldn't dance. I love dancing! Expecially to HSM! I guess our activity wasn't very spiritual...but we had fun (at least I did)!
Mia says she's brave enough to go on Tower of Terror. She's barely tall enough. I want to see what happens when she goes on...tee hee hee!
I can't wait for my birthday party on Friday/Saturday. I mean who gets to go to DisneySea with their friends and then have a sleepover?!
Tomorrow's my birthday...hooray! I'll be 15!!!!!!
Yay! Yay! YAY!!!


maika said...

Dancing on the Tueseday night!!!!
I'm happy!

My name is Lexi said...

Dancing on the Tuesday night ukeru!!!
In just 2 hours I'll be the same age as you!!!