Monday, September 25, 2006

Boring Monday

I didn't leave the house yesterday...except to ship stuff for my mom's business. I wanted to go somewhere, but Tashi went somewhere else with my mom instead and lost the cellphone while they were gone...I'm worried to the max!
We called all the lost and founds but it hasn't turned up!! Yikes!
While they were gone (Mia and Noah went too) I had some alone time and watched "Gentlemen's Agreement" (starring Gregory Peck). It was pretty good.
For family home evening we updated our 72 hour kits. We do that every September for a family home evening lesson. But I sware it's either a 1000 hour kit or we're going to share with other people because we have so much stuff. We have at least 5 giant duffel bags filled with stuff. And they weigh so much! I don't know if we'll be able to grab them and run in an emergency!
And I'm overwhelmed with all my assigments in school.
Right now I have to send in this portfolio assignment for English:
  1. Coversheet (p. 115)
  2. Photo essay with instructor grading rubric - 45 points
  3. SQ4R textbook form (found in Lesson 2 page 21) - 15 points
  4. Life story free writing assignment - 40 points
  5. Personal narrative rough draft and mentor suggestions - 15 points
  6. Personal narrative final draft with instructor grading rubric - 40 points
  7. Assignments in correct order - 5 points

It's worth 20% of my grade! Help me! And then I have that learning journal I have to give in soon too!!!

Enjoy yourself with this instead of listening to my whinning. Here's "What I've Been Looking For" sung by Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) and Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) from HS Musical:

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