Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sleepover birthday party

Okay, this is what we did:
I rushed around all day getting ready. I guess that tells you who dirty our house gets. I broke 2 things in the process...oops! Anna, Maika, and Mana all got to our house and had dinner. Then my mom drove us to DisneySea. We ran to Tower of Terror, but it was already a 110 minute wait. But it was their first time so we waited. They had no idea what was coming! Their reactions were so funny! Mana lost control of her bodily functions, Maika had tears coming out of the corners of her eyes, and Anna squeezed Tashi's hand to death. We also got on Journey to the Center of the Earth, Indiana Jones, the Little Mermaid teacups, and Sinbad. Then we came home and danced High School Musical, ate chips and drank soda, and played the paper version of the telephone game. We laughed so hard but we all eventually fell asleep at 2 am. I had a hard time sleeping because I had a runny nose.

~To be Continued Tomorrow~

Here's some updates on my birthday:

  • Chiba-kun: a birthday email
  • Yuli: a Friendster tesitimonial, and a comment on my blog
  • Elder Yamasaki: a birthday present (a 500 yen certificate to McDonald's haha)
  • The Nanjos: a birthday present (an earring holder and a pair of earrings)
  • Caleb: a birthday email
  • Aunt Emily: a message on the family site
  • Uncle Jordan: a message on the family site

Watch this music video: "Kiss the Girl" (from The Little Mermaid) sung by Ashley Tisdale (from High School Musical)!! I really like it!


maika said...

Tower of Terror!!!!!!!!!!!
mata ikoune!!!!!!!!

My name is Lexi said...

10gatu 2nichi ni ikitai!