Wednesday, September 13, 2006


*Ashley Tisdale* from High School Musical
Yesterday I watched "Jane Eyre". I'm reading the book right now, and it's so romantic and passionate that I really like it. And in the evening we watched the old "Superman". When it's rainy like this, all I want to do is watch movies. But today I left the house! I went to my orthodontist appointment and to singing lessons. And I walked to singing lessons in the rain.

When I was at my ortho, my ortho-dentist, Dr. Hoshino wasn't there. This new guy did the check-up and told me I had cavities on all of my back molars. I've never had a cavity in my life, and I brush my teeth, and drink lots of milk so I was weirded out. Besides this was a ortho appointment, not a dentist appointment. Finally, Dr. Hoshino came. The new guy told him about the cavities, and he looked at them. Dr. Hoshino said that I've had them since last November, and he's been watching them but they haven't/hadn't progressed so they're something called a "C-cavity" where I have a hole in my tooth, but it doesn't get bigger/worse. He just told me to brush my teeth really well. So yes, I have permanent holes in my teeth that I didn't know about. They don't hurt me, but now that I know about them, it just bugs me and I can't stop thinking about them. Gosh!
*Zac Efron* from High School Musical

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