Friday, March 02, 2007

Curry Party, Church Depression, & the Chibs

Wow, people have been commenting lately! It makes me happy!

Friday I finished another Kansas Twister quilt block, (I have 9 done), worked on my math, and watched Hannah Montana. That was pretty much my day. Sad huh? But the quilt blocks take a long time. Oh yeah, Mia had a curry party at school.

Saturday was quite busy. We had mutual and seminary opening social in the afternoon. I'm feeling kind of low about church. I love church, it's just the people around me. I won't go into it because I'll totally hurt people's feelings, but sometimes I just want to scream at people so that they'll realize how annoying or ignorant they're being - you know? Okay, just saying that felt better!
The Disney Channel Games were on last night - I want the red team to win because they've got Zac Efron and Shin Koyamada!
Miley Cyrus

I have so many pictures of Mia and Noah (the Chibs) to post, they's take up too much space on each post, so you can look at pictures of tehm right here. They aren't professional, I just snapped pictures of them here and there on my new camera, and a lot of them are just plain silly. Enjoy!


Pops said...

I like the photo essay

My name is Lexi said...

what photo essay?