Monday, March 19, 2007

A Quilt Set On Fire At Night

And it nearly burnt us to a crisp in our beds. A quilt that my mom made started to fall off my parent's bed last night on my dad's side and got caught on the heater. My mom was having this dream where she was trying to get rid of this horrid smell but couldn't. But she finally realized it wasn't a dream and bolted up and caught it just in time. She woke up my dad, and he grabbed the burning ball of quilt and carried it out to the bathroom sink. My dad would have just kept on sleeping. Seriously, 10 seconds later - it might have been too late. So hurray for Mommy and her "ESP" (Extra Sensory Puma - her eyes may be closed, but her brain was on red-alert), and for daddy who courageously jumped out of bed and carried the ball of fire out of the room with his bare hands.
No wonder it smelled like someone had lit a stinky candle and my doors kept opening and shutting.
The bedroom smelled toxic yesterday, and my mom's throat was really irritated from breathing in the smoke.
And it was a really pretty nautical style yellow and blue quilt that matched my parent's bed - but luckily it was the only thing damaged. So everyone was feeling bad for my mom that her quilt was ruined, but she's just glad nothing worse happened.
Me too.

Quote of the Day:
The hardest part isn't finding
who we need to be
it's being content with who we are.


GRodenberg said...

scary!!!!! that happened to me and my companion on my mission! exactly. gotta love the spirit.

My name is Lexi said...

what was freaky is how fast everything happened...