Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fresh Spring, the herald of love’s mighty king!

After looking at Tara Whitney's pictures, I feel like I am unworthy to take pictures. And this picture does look a lot better when it's bigger, but darn blogger has to make it look ugly! The sakura isn't quite out yet, but this kind where the leaves come out at the same time are out. I'm just afraid that the sakura while come and go while I'm away at youth conference.

Miley & Mitchel
Today proved an ideal day for a picnic...a day of breeze and blue, warm, sunny, with a little rollicking wind blowing across housetops and cars. If only it had been like this yesterday for the actualy picnic. "It's so easy to be happy on a day like this, isn't it?" Lexi said to herself. "If only I didn't have the 'before Youth Conference' jitteries!"

I'm really excited to go, but I'm a home body, and even though I know everybody there...I'm still kind of nervous for some reason. It's like this every year. And then I come home all wound up and have lots of stories to tell. And I will talk your ear off! I can't wait to show off at the talent show!!!

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