Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sushi, Oriental Bazaar, & Good-bye to Em

Hi guys! Emily left today...I'm so sad because we had so much fun together =]

Tuesday we went to Ikspiari with Emily in the afternoon, and when we came back, our parents had just come home from the airport! Mia had been really insecure that day, so it was good that they came back. They bought both me and Tashi cute swimming suits, and Tashi more birthday presents. Mia and Noah each got a new pair of shoes. They brought home lots of "yummy" cereal, too. We were all too lazy and tired, so we went out to Sushi-ro for dinner. And Em really wanted to have some real sushi. She was very brave, and ate raw tuna (maguro)! And she liked it! My dad would just try new stuff too. Like he'd grab some sushi off the belt, and I'd ask him what it was, but he's be like, "I don't know...I just want to try it..."

Michelle Trachtenberg

Wednesday was Em's last full day. I did a little school work then me and Tash took Em to Omotesando. We walked up the streets lined with expensive brand clothes and bags. We walked down the hill and went to the Oriental Bazaar. Em bought a bag for herself, and some earrings for her sister-in-law. The earrings were cool - they were the dangling 愛(love) kanjis. On the train, it was a pain to get there, but we had fun. I cancelled one of my English students, then went to singing lessons after we came home. Mom, dad, and Em went to Monsoon Cafe for dinner at Ikspiari, while us *kids* had to fight over the *left-overs*.
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Today was Em's last day. Me and Tash took her to DisneySea in the morning. We went on Journey to the Center of the Earth, Aquatopia, and Raging Spirits. Then we came home and ate lunch, she got packed up, and my mom took a little nap. We woke up my mom, picked Mia up from school in the car, and dropped Em off at the Am_ _ _ _ _ _or Hotel so that she could catch the Airport Limousine bus that takes her straight to her terminal at the airport. I helped her buy her ticket, and then we waited with he for the bus. We haven't got any calls yet, and her plane should take off right about now, so she should be okay...I hope. She was so nervous, she felt queasy. I think she had fun and got a nice break just like my parents, but she was eager to go back home to her husband and kids. I pray that she gets home safely. I've been staying up alte every night that she's been here, so I need to get caught up on sleep, on school work, and quilting. But it was nice to have a break from those things.
Dedicated to Em:
Thank you, friend, for all the things
That mean so much to me--
For concern and understanding
You give abundantly.
Thanks for listening with your heart;
For cheering me when I'm blue;
For bringing out the best in me;
And just for being you.
Thanks for in-depth conversation
That stimulates my brain;
For silly times we laugh out loud;
For things I can't explain.For looking past my flaws and faults;
For all the time you spend;
For all the kind things that you do,
Thank you; thank you, friend.


emilopida said...

You are so sweet! Thank you! I needed to catch up on sleep too. I was tired but didn't want to sleep and miss out on anything while I was there. It was a nice break for things, but I have been as busy as a tornado since I have returned. Running errands like crazy. It is funny how nervous I was, because it was totally fine and easy. I had a few problems, but it wasn't a big deal and everything worked out fine.

My name is Lexi said...

Wish you could have stayed longer. I feel like we didn't get to do much!