Sunday, March 11, 2007

Plain Crazy

Quotes from our family recently:
  1. We're on the way home from church. The car next to us has their dog in the front seat. Mia sees this and says, "Why do dogs get to sit in the front seat?" (she isn't allowed to sit in the front seat). And my dad says, "Because people don't care if they die..."
  2. Me and Mia biked to the post office on Saturday. Mia wasn't keeping up with me so I had to keep yelling back at her to hurry up. She calls back, "This is as fast as my little leg-leggies will go!"
Now, this next video might be too frightening for people to watch. Last Sunday, me and Tashi just pulled about as many freaky faces as we could, and took pictures of ourselves. Here's the slideshow:

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