Thursday, March 01, 2007

Suzanne: version 2.0

I've come to realize that people don't like the long posts as much, so I'm going to make more short posts, instead of less long posts.

I want to do a post on my Grandma Limburg (my mom's mom). People tell me that I look like my mom, but when they see my grandma, they say I look more like her than my mom.

Anyways, she was born as Suzanne Challis on August 23, 1946 into a family of 7 kids, her being the 2nd child and oldest daughter - Donald, Suzanne, Lynne, Janet, Woodruff, Brian, and Winnifred. (Or Uncle Don, Aunt Lynne, Aunt Janet, Uncle Woody, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Winny as I call them). My grandma is the girl in the back left in the picture below.
My grandma was very skinny and short growing up, and back then it was right after the war so everyone wanted to look "bigger". Everyone wanted to look curvy like Marilyn Monroe. So my grandma says she wasn't considered very cute. And she even had a teacher that wanted to hold her back a year in school just because she was so skinny! Her older brother would tease her a lot when she was little. But now they're good friends.
She was studying to be a nurse, and she met my grandpa Limburg, who was studying to be a doctor. Their families had been friends when they were little, but now they weren't so close. I could go on about theyir meeting story, but supposedly it was love at first sight for both of them, but my grandma played hard-to-get. My grandma got married to David Limburg, my grandpa in June 1968, and on October 23, 1970 they had my mom, Julie! They moved around a lot while my grandpa was finishing up medical school. After that my aunt Jill, uncle John, uncle Paul, and uncle Challis were born. So 5 kids in 7 years! Wow! And after 2 really bad miscarriages (into the second trimester), my grandparents thouht that they were done, but surprise! The kaboose was born - my aunt Micaela. A 5 year space between Micaela and Challis, and a 13 year space between her and my mom. So 6 kids all together. Now all her kids are happily married, and all of them have 2 kids or more of their own. Including my brothers and sisters and me, she has 19 grandkids, with another one on the way (yes, that's us!)
(above:)My mom and her brothers and sisters 1981 - my mom is the oldest - 11 years old in this picture
Don't worry, I plan on doing more posts on friends and family members. Today's spotlight was my Grandma Limburg. Next spotlight could be about you - who knows! And are you wondering why the title of this post is called "Suzanne: version 2.0"? That's because my mom calls me that. I'm so much like my grandma Limburg, it's almost freaky. You'd think I was her daughter instead of granddaughter. Too many things to count that we have in common. But I like being like her. I love her energetic spirit and all the service she does for those around her. She never sits down she's so busy helping other people! I love you grandma!
(above:) Limburg family - Christmas 2004


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Caboose is spelled with a C.

I like your posting. I think it is very relevant.

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I LOVE your mom's 11 year old pic!!!! too cute. How do you get the music to pop up with your blog? Love it! Dallen and Landon are totally dancing right now!

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Thank you daddy!

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