Sunday, March 25, 2007

Child From Another pLaNeT

I was a really weird little kid. Most of it was just what went on inside of my head. I either spoke my mind or pondered deeply. Here's a list of weird things about me.

1. Before I learned about digestion, it finally hit me one day while we were at the store. All the food we eat must just pile up inside of us! What would happen when it reached the top of your throat?! How come I seemed to be the only person that thought about this?

2. I used to bawl when I watched "Rigeletto".

3. I had to hold my breath when a dog walked by because I would breathe in the germs from its bum (they don't wear underwear! what else was I supposed to think?)

4. I couldn't step on cracks or lines in the road, sidewalk, or floor. I just couldn't.

5. I thought that someday I would marry my cousin Stephen - I guess

6. I named my 2 stuffed animals Fred and Walter. Tashi was naming hers Fluff and stuff like that.

7. I used to tell people boldly, "You're fat!" or "You have big feet, so you have to play with the big-feet Barbie!"

8. Me and Tash would play Barbies whenever we could. Barbie and Ken fall in love, they have a million kids, those kids grow up, they fall in love, have a million was a never ending cycle.

9. I didn't understand why in the primary song "When Jesus Christ Was Baptized", the 3 members of the Godhead were present there "in love". I thought they were men?! They shouldn't be in love!!

10. I just couldn't understand why there was such a weird word as "island" in the English language. "Is land" is a sentence, not a word!

11.We had mushi cakes for lunch at school once, and I didn't know what it was. Mushi means it was steamed. But I only knew the other 2 meanings, humid and bug. I couldn't figure out what these cakes would have to do with humidity, so it must have something to do with bugs. Those black things on the top looked suspicious...what if they were bugs? They wouldn't do that to us would they? But it is I didn't eat it. Later I found out that the black things were black beans, and it is just steamed and very yummy. Too bad I missed out on that!

12. Ah, the joy I felt when Austin Rodenberg was the only and first boy that played "house" with me...

Quote of the Day

It's funny how certain things

trigger memories, songs, & smells.

Some make you sad, and some

make you close your eyes, and

for that moment you are

captured in the past.

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