Sunday, March 18, 2007

Make You Weep Uncontrollably

Sorry about that negative post yesterday...
I stopped writing in my journal when I started my blog, but now I realize how much I need it! I really need something to write my personal, private feelings on. This blog didn't work for that. I'm not a peachy, super-happy person all the time, just to let you know. I'm really high and then I'm really low. Very extreme. That's one thing I don't like about people's blogs. They only talk about the positive things in their lives, and look like super-people. I don't want you to think that about me. I'm a teenager. All right? I'm really negative sometimes. But I won't write about that here. Or it will be like reading the Series of Unfortunate Events every time you come to my blog. "Of course, it is boring to read about boring things, but it is better to read something that makes you yawn with boredom than something that will make you weep uncontrollably, pound your fists against the floor, and leave tearstains all over your pillowcase, sheets, and boomerang collection..." (Series of Unfortunate Events, Book #11)

Ashley & Vanessa

So seminary graduation felt good yesterday. I'm not so happy about my youth conference group, but I guess nobody really ever is...why do all the older, fun people have to graduate? Aaaarrrrgggghhh.

And I'm kind of depressed about church right now, which I'm trying to get out of. Help me, people! (Not about the gospel, but about church itself...)

Miley = Hannah

Quote of the day:
Never take someone for granted.
Hold every person close to your heart
cause you might wake up one day & realize
that you've lost a diamond while you were
too busy collecting stones.


Dad said...

Do you feel like I take you for granted instead of holding you close to my heart?

I don't want you to have bad days. I want you to only have good days.

maika said...

I like your smile.


My name is Lexi said...

To Dad: do love me! JK

To Maika:

I don't think anyone has ever commented on my smile before... Thank you!!! I still love you <3

chie said...

Life is not always fun but because of that life is really fun. I luv ya!!

My name is Lexi said...

To Chie:
People do care about me! Thank you!!! I love all of you!