Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yokohama Quilt Show

This was my day:
I woke up early to loud thunder booms that were so loud, they sounded like thay were in my room. I was so scary, I couldn't calm down for a while (I'm not afraid of lightning/thunder, it's just that my body freaked from being woken up that way).
Tashi slept in 'til 10:30 am, and she would have slept longer, but I woker her up.
When we finally got ready, me and Tash went to the Yokohama International Quilt Show. It takes like a hour and a half to get there, but they only have it once a year! Tashi bought some solid fabric, and I bought feedsack repros for our flower garden quilts.
Dad went to be the speech-contest judge in Kichijouji, and had a priesthood meeting in Nakano after that so he wasn't home until 8:30 PM.
After me and Tash came home, we cleaned the house for Nat and Jason (it was an emergency whether they were coming or not). And we watched Hannah Montana, but it was the 1st episode, the one we've seen like 1000 times. I was hoping it was one I hadn't seen before. Oh well. There's always next week.
After dad got home, we watched Fun With Dick and Jane. It had my dad laughing really hard.
I think I have a cavity, so I'm trying to eat less sugar. It's hard!
You guys are probably tired of pictures of Disney Channel Stars, but I don't have a camera besides my mom's, and she took that with her to Utah. So yeah. Wait 'til she gets back for real pictures.

So today's Disney Channel Star is...Hilary Duff

with her older sister, Haylie
from the Lizzie McGuire Movie
from Cheaper By the Dozen
from A Cinderella Story
from Raise Your Voice
from The Perfect Man
from her music video: Wake Up

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