Friday, November 17, 2006

Babysitting Adventures and my iPod!

What?! No comments?!!!! I've posted almost everyday for a week, and I have no comments...sad I tell you...

Tashi took Nat & Jason to Kamakura today to see the big Buddha. I was supposed to go...but I've been there before and I didn't think that it was that interesting. So I sat home with dad while he did his work and I did my schoolwork. I finished another lesson today. I will post a to-do-list on my sidebar, so check it out!
I barely got ready in time to go babysit Rachel W. and Yuu-chan while their moms went to lunch. Rachel's family goes to the English 1st ward, and Yuu-chan's mom is one of my English students. Both of the kids are exactly Noah's age. And oh joy - they're both in the middle of being potty-trained. I wasn't too worried. The moms were only going to be gone for 2 hours. But Rachel pooped in her pants (not fun to clean up) and then wet her pants and her mom only left me with 1 extra pair of clothes so after the second accident she ran around without any pants. And Yuu-chan had to go to the bathroom 3 times - I guess he drank too much juice - and he's been potty-trained longer, so he made it 2 times, but 1 time he didn't - he only made it to the bathroom door - I went to investigate, and I stepped in it...Ewwww! I just decided to read my book on the couch while they played, but every 5 minutes somebody had to go to the bathroom or had had an accident or spilled their jucie or they were fighting over a toy. Yuu-chan and Rachel were fighting over something, and Yuu-chan got so upset he tried to go home. He was acting so bratty - there's only one explanation for this kind of a tantrum - he needed a nap. I decided to hold him and make him feel better, and eventually he fell alseep on my lap. The moms were actually gone 3 hours, and just when I was about to lose it, they came home and saw me with him asleep in my lap so I think I left a good impression. And they paid me for the extra time they were gone. Ka-ching! Yay! I got 3000 yen!
But these kids are just so interesting. Yuu-chan told me, "Make sure you take me to the bathroom!" and so I kept asking them if they needed to go - but they kept having accidents anyways. I felt kind of bad about that. But most kids wouldn't say what he said, I think. And he's an only child, so he was very different from Rachel. Rachel was like whatever about everything, but Yuu-chan would get upset about everything and wouldn't share toys. It makes me want to have more than one kid. And Rachel is half, so she her sentences would be half English half Japanese like, "Kyoune, Daddy gane, work ni itta no" (Today my dad went to work). Anyways, kids are interesting.
Nobody was home when I came home, so I cleaned the house. I guess I should study some more after this.

Oh yes, I almost forgot! My dad got me the new iPod shuffle for my birthday. But it actually came out a couple of days after my birthday or something like that, so it was going to be late - they didn't even sell it in Japan yet. But they kept procrastinating the day, (of course they wouldn't ship to Japan) and it finally got to Nat & Jason's house and they brought it with them. It even has my name monogramed on it - thanks dad! It's so tiny!

I will post a to-do-list on my sidebar, so check it out!


maika said...

I'm sorry.
Writting English is difficult for me, so I didn't write comment for you.

I haven't been Kamakura!!

new iPod shuffle!!!!????


My name is Lexi said...

Oh, you don't have to comment in English!!! Nihongo demo zenzen OK dayo :)

I went to Kamakura for my kougai-gakushuu when I was in 7th grade.

I luv my iPod - I never get good birthday presents!!!

Yes, it's Maji-yoroshi wara