Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Adventures with Natalie and Jason

Okay, this is going to be a long post. But I won't post any pictures.

Sunday, we planned all this stuff around picking Natalie and Jason up from the airport. I didn't even go to seminey after church and stuff. We rushed home, dropped out stuff off, and dashed to the airport. We had the hardest time finding a place to park the car (for some reason). Their flight was like 15 minutes late, but we waited for them for an hour. We kept checking the board. There couldn't be any possible way that the people coming out the gates were people from their flight anymore. My dad called the Immigration Office, and they said nobody was there/they weren't having problems with anybody. We called to see if they were actually on the flight. They couldn't give us that information, but they gave us a strong hint that the flight would come in tomorrow. And once my dad thought about it, it made sense. Natalie and Jason were leaving on night-flight to Atlanta on a Saturday there. When you leave on a Saturday morning in Utah, you get to Tokyo on a Sunday afternoon. But they took that night-flight to Atlanta (the opposite direction they should have been going, but it was the only flight they could find), and had like a 10-hour layover in Atlanta, and then came to Narita. We should have checked, but we listened to what Natalie had told us: they were getting in on a Sunday. That was a waste of time!
So my dad would have to go tomorrow and pick them up again! And Sunday was so cold! I didn't know what I was going to do! Oh, and I finished reading Christy, so I'm onto the 5th Shadow Children Series book - Among the Brave.

The next day, monday, me and Tash stayed home while he went to go pick them up. My dad stopped at Costco on the way there. I went to Daiei to run some errands. And then I went and taught English to one of my students (I go to her house to teach). Luckily, Nat, Jason, and my dad pulled up just as I was leaving for her house. We had Costco muffins for dinner, and after they had showers, they weren't tired so we went and did Karaoke at Daiei. We had a fun time. I just can't believe that they were up to it! When we came home we decided that we would go to DinseySea the next day.

My dad had to go into work on Tuesday, so just me, Tashi, Nat, and Jason went to DisneySea. We went at 9 am - the second it opened - and it was totally crowded already! We ran to get a fastpass for Tower of Terror, but just the line for fastpasses wound back to Aquatopia area. Standby was a 45 minute wait, so we just decided to wait that long instead doing a crazy fastpass thing. But of course, once we get up to the ride, it's a 90 minute wait...we do that, then wait in another 80 minute wait for Journey to the Center of the Earth, ate lunch at the Mexican restaurante in Lost River Delta, and went and got a fastpass for Indiana Jones. We walked around, looking into shops, went and visited the Leonardo Divinci area, and the New York Harbor area, and since we couldn't think of anything else to do, we decied to do the 75 minute wait for Raging Spirits. But we had to run to Indiana Jones after that - we only had 10 minutes left on our fastpass! But we made it time, and it was nice to not have to wait another 1 1/2 hours for a fun ride. We liked our picture that they took of us on the ride so much, we each bought a picture. Me and Tashi were pooped after Indiana Jones, but Nat & Jason wanted to stay for dinner and the fireworks. So me and Tashi went home by ourselves, and we left the cellphone with them. Dad came home early from work, so we watched Duplex starring Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller with him. It ended up being really dumb. Natalie and Jason came home after that and just hung out.

I didn't really feel very good, and even when I woke up this morning I still don't feel very good so I'm having to take all these pills and drink herbal tea. I hate being sick - I hope I'm better really soon. I need to get back to my schoolwork. See ya later.

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