Friday, November 24, 2006

Daddy-daughter date

Hey everyone!
I finished my Chinese portfolio assignment today and finally bought Aly & AJ's Christmas CD - Acoustic Hearts of Winter!!! (See my to-do list) Yay!

Oh, and me, Tashi, and my dad went to DisneySea tonight for a daddy-daughter date. we had so much fun! We went on the 4 major roller-coaster rides - FUN!

Miley performed yesterday at the 80th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She performed "Best of Both Worlds" and as usual was fantastic!

So as most of you know yesterday Miley turned 14! I hope she has (had) the best birthday ever. She totally deserves it! She has done so much this year already and hopefully even more to come in the next Post your birthday wishes in the comments if you want!

You can watch it on - here's the URL:


GRodenberg said...

Hi Lexi! Thanks for the b-day greeting and that is funny that you and natasha are having a comment war! Ttfn

DAN said...


My name is Lexi said...

To Kennedy: Hi Kennedy!!! That's what sisters are for - comparing! haha Hope you had a good birthday!!!

My name is Lexi said...

Hannah Montanaの#1ファンだから・・・風呂具でも音楽のせられるよ!でも英語の局のサイトしか知らないんだ・・・